Video Marketing

A marketing video can be a strong selling tool, even if you create the video yourself. Are your employees great sales people? We don’t usually expect them to be. Usually, no one can sell your business like you can, and a video marketing will surely help you get more clients.

Here’s an important point about videos. You only have to be “good” once – when you create the video. Then you and your employees can use the video over and over again to help increase your bottom-line. You can also post it online to your website and to many other social sharing sites.

You may be having a bad day and selling is out of the question – for you. But your video is having a great day! Why not let it do it’s magic!

Keys to Making a Great Video

First of all, you should have a great sales presentation. Write it down. Be sure and write down all the reasons why your company is special. Don’t forget to include your powerful USP – Unique Selling Proposition. Don’t know what this is, or you don’t have one? Click here to find out more: USP.

Next, tell all the reasons why your client will be better off utilizing your product or service. Every prospect has their favorite radio station in mind – WIIFM – What’s In It For Me? Answer their question in a compelling and interesting way that convinces your client. Above all, don’t be boring. Be excited about your service and products.

Do you have a few different ways you want to attack making a video? To find out which one works best, practice on a few clients. Observe and keep track of which method closes more clients. Once you figure out which method has the best close rate – use that video.

Should I Film My Own Video?

Unless you are experienced with lighting and with sound quality, it is usually best to get someone locally to do this for you. You can usually hire someone for around $500. Make sure whoever you hire guarantees that the lighting and sound quality will be top notch.

What is the main purpose of your video? To sell your client on using you and your company and to move them in the direction of knowing, liking, and trusting you.

The quality of the video is not as important as the information. In fact, the more a video costs, the less likely it will be to ‘sell’ your client. Why? Because videos that are expensive tend to worry about all the wrong things.

The only thing that is really important is to worry about the information – like your Unique Selling Proposition! Your simple video will take care of the rest.

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