The Ultimate Secret Beyond The Law Of Attraction

Bob Proctor unveils the real cause of your past failures as he shows how to get everything you’ve ever wanted. He shows you what the “Terror Barrier” is and how you can overcome it. This is one of the most important lessons I’ve heard from Bob Proctor.


27 thoughts on “The Ultimate Secret Beyond The Law Of Attraction

  1. wow this is amazing. i dont know about the scientific sturdiness of some of
    the examples he uses but that doesn’t matter whatsoever, the information
    and ideas in this video are pure gold.

  2. The law of attraction is very true and is working all the time in our lives
    if we realise it or not.

  3. I’m wondering if these SPAMMERS who use other people’s videos to try to
    hawk their own products realize how pathetic they look? (Magdalena and Eric
    below are good examples)

  4. 18 minutes to say “just do it”
    the first 16 minutes is just discussing the problem that im more than well
    aware of. and then he gets to the solution which is basically “just do it”

  5. Something I have been putting off out of going to happen. It is
    only me holding me one else. Thank you..this was uplifting.

  6. “feelings are molecular vibrations”
    oh, wow, if you listen to this man you are a completely uneducated retard

  7. Video explained in a couple of words : No karmic evolution in the confort
    zone :D. As he said it : Break the terror barrier.

  8. explained so well. I am stuck in a crisis, a self image crisis, constant
    fear and unable to move forward in life!! I am only 28 and already feeling
    life is over. =(

  9. was it fear that we were taught in school and general society
    Fear of being late, fear of homework, fear of fitting, in fear of teachers,
    fear of exams
    I cant remember any teachings on personal development or money or life
    Does this fear put a stamp on your back and wont wash off until you wake
    20+ years later, after the horse has bolted the stable (life being the
    horse )

  10. I have taken their “The Goal achiever” program and it has changed my life
    upside down, I am now a different person, I used to set many goals but I
    had a difficult time achieving my goals and were often times just words
    with check boxes in front of them just on a piece of paper but the Goal
    achiever program helped me learn and helped me become a doer and an
    achiever. How to accomplish and approach a goal and how to set a goal not
    just accomplishing one. It has helped me in every single aspect of my life,
    financially, academically, socially…etc. It is remarkable! 

  11. Fear is stagnant we are our biggest critics great prospective Proctor we
    have the tools to make the change 

  12. Joseph Campbell’s quote is all about the Cave that holds your soul.
    Discover what’s inside there and you’ll discover contentment, which in the
    end would have any person not being interested in the Law of Attraction.
    What’s inside the Cave can’t be discovered with either of the conscious
    minds that you speak of.
    The fear involved is the release that must be overcome by becoming
    desire-less, in order to enter the Cave.
    Stop leading people along. We live in a world of duality. That means that
    not everyone can have everything. One person doesn’t know they’re rich, if
    it wasn’t for those that have very little.

  13. Friends and family would always tell me “don’t make decisions when you’re
    emotional.” In my youth I noticed I made my best decisions based on my
    emotions. I had a feeling I was right. Any decisions not followed by
    intense emotion had made me sad and depressed. I’ve been in this state 16
    years now. I’m breaking out today. This vid was right on time. 

  14. Joseph Campbell’s teaching goes against Eckhart Tolle’s belief. It’s a
    seeking attitude. It’s like once I reach a million dollars I’ll be happy
    yet once you get there the happiness only last a short while. It fucking
    dumb. All the greatest teachers haven’t figured out anything last and
    those who do like Eckhart Tolle teach us but it takes a shift to fully get
    it and that shift never lasts. This world is fucking shit, honestly. Were
    taught to not seek external validation despite being wired that way. it’s
    a sick game. We have people born in complete shit, parents are monsters,
    or they are unable to even function in the

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