7 Killer Steps-“How To Video Blog” & Generate Boatloads of MLM Leads

j0438906This article about how to video blog  assumes that you know how to use a Flip video camera or some other brand like JVC or Sony. It would also help if you have a screen capture program, like Camtasia or Jing. We will explore here keys on how to video blog and specifically how to generate leads for your MLM business.

Step 1. Determine a subject, and do some basic keyword analysis. Just for fun lets pick on the mother of all network marketing companies – Amway. Amway is a great company that does billions of dollars in sales every year. You want to go to Google’s External Keyword tool (it’s free) and do a search on Amway. Save all the keywords in a text file. We’ll use this later.

Step 2. Write a real compelling headline. It won’t do you any good to make a nice video that doesn’t get seen. So come up with an interesting, almost shocking headline. “Is Amway a Scam?” is an excellent headline. Even if you are involved in Amway, you can still use this headline. Another headline example is “4 Killer Steps to (what you are teaching.)”

Step 3. Record your video and have 2 or 3 key points that you concentrate on. If you are shooting a live “talking” video, write your bullet points with magic marker on a white paper. Tape this right under the camera and as close to the lens as possible.

Keep your video between 90 seconds long, and a maximum of 2 minutes. If you love to talk, do your best to cut it short. You’ll get the hang of it as you do more and more videos.

Step 4. Have a clear Call To Action. This is usually at the end. If you are wanting to generate some MLM leads, this would be a good place to say something like “OK, now click on the link to the right of this video. Enter your name and email to receive our FREE 7 day video marketing course. You can download the first course instantly.”

If you don’t have a free course to offer them, I can show you how you can have a course like that on your own blog. It is really cool. You’ll make about money each time someone goes through the free course and then buys an “up-sell.” They also end up on your list as another lead.

Step 5. You’ll want to edit your video in Windows Movie Maker. Make sure the beginning and end look good. Think through your beginning. Are you going to have a music background? And this is real important. Add your website URL on the bottom part of the video, across the screen in white. Insert it so it is visible for the whole video.

Step 6. Submit your video to You Tube. This is where you use those Amway keywords that you saved before. Dump all these keyword in the spot for “Tags” on You Tube. This will help get your video ranked a lot quicker. Next, add your video to your blog. This is simple to do by clicking on the little “add video” icon. You then enter the You Tube URL.

You have to be making or editing a post to be able to do this.There are also a number of WordPress video plugins, like FLV Embed or Flash Video Player that may make it easier to load videos to your blog.

Step 7. Rinse and repeat. Do this video blog every day or every other day, and you’ll be amazed at the added traffic to your blog and your money site.

Take Charge Of Your Life – The Wisdom of Brian Tracy

Brian TracyThere have been hundreds of books and papers written on goal setting. I have read my share of them over the years. Even though many of the authors have different views about the mechanics of goal setting, most of them stress the importance of having clearly defined goals.

Setting goals is pointless if you haven’t yet taken charge of your own life. Brian Tracy has a chapter in his 2003 masterpiece book “Goals!” with that title: Take Charge of Your Life.

He talks about a defining moment when he was 21 years old, that changed his life. He realized that everything that would happen to him for the rest of his life was going to be up to him. No one was ever going to help him. No one was coming to the rescue. He learned at that young age what most people in their 40’s and 50’s still haven’t learned. And that is responsibility.

Here are 6 different ways to take charge of your life and start being a success.

1. Figure out what your biggest problem is. Are you in anyway responsible for this problem? This cuts right to where it hurts. Being self responsible and actually saying “I am responsible” will cancel any negative emotions you are experiencing.

2. Picture yourself as the President of your big company. Would you act any differently if you suddenly owned 100% of the shares? This is so important when it comes to building your own network marketing business. Are you just a part-timer or a some-timer? To be successful you need to assume total ownership of your company. And then start acting like it.

3.  Make the choice today to never again blame anyone else for your problems. Instead accept total responsibility for every aspect of your life. What actions should you be taking? So many people go through life being a victim. They live a life of failure and mediocrity because they mistakenly blame someone else for their problems. A great action to take is to ratchet up your level of responsibility. Again say over and over “I am responsible.”

4. Commit to never again making an excuse and instead start moving ahead. Picture in you mind that your favorite excuses are really not even true. How would this change your actions? For many network marketers, they have many excuses why they can’t prospect, or pick up the telephone. This is a fantastic exercise to quit procrastinating and get productive.

5. Picture yourself as the important creative force in your own life. You are where you are and what you are because of your own choices and decisions. What do you think you should change? This is one of those exercises that smacks you right across your head. You are exactly where you are in life because of your thinking. Change your thinking. Refuse to accept mediocrity. Push yourself constantly toward your goal.

6. If anyone has ever hurt you, decide today to forgive them and let it go. Don’t even discuss it again. It is history.

Once you have grappled with the 6 items above, you will be much more ready to embark on your goal setting challenge. There is nothing like a positive “kick in the pants” to foster more responsibility and less blaming of others.

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Unfocused and Broke! 4 Critical Steps to Financial Freedom!

Reckless personDo you find yourself unable to stay focused for more than 5 minutes on anything that has to do with websites, chat, email, Facebook, Skype, MySpace,  IM and 1000 other distractions? Join the club. Especially if you are trying to make money online. Being unfocused can lead to your painful downfall.

Chasing after the next Shiny Object will leave you in a black hole. I know. I chased shiny “get rich quick” objects until I was thousands of dollars in credit card debt. So I want to help you climb out of your black hole. It’s an addiction, it really is. Why? You just “know” that this new launch will be your ticket. And they take PayPal so it really is safe.

Step 1. STOP The Spending. Yes, a simple solution, but very critical. Stop right now spending a single dime more on ANY new launch of whatever guru’s new list building, blog riches, or google XXX strategy garbage. It may not be garbage, but it IS GARBAGE if you don’t zero in on it and make it work for you.

Step 2. UNSUBSCRIBE. But you say “I can’t unsubscribe from guru Bog. I really like what he teaches!” So if you really like him, why haven’t you made a bunch of money from Guru Bog’s CD’s, videos and e-books? More than likely, guru Bog’s material is collecting dust on your hard drive. You might not even be able to find it! Look, step 2 is simple: unsubscribe from ALL the constant barrage of Shiny Object invitation emails flooding your inbox.

You will go through withdrawals. I did. It hurts for a little while. You don’t feel loved anymore. But you start getting your life back. Is this worth it?

Step 3. Realize the deception of the next Shiny Object problem. This is short, but powerful, so listen up. We are creatures that keep looking for success. In our crazy world, spending money has somehow been equated with success, at least in our brain. So when I spend $1500 on guru Bog’s List Domination Riches in 30 Days, I feel successful.

Just spending the money makes the connection to “success.” I know this sounds crazy and stupid. But that’s how addictions work. They deceive you into believing that your are on your way to riches, when in fact you are falling deeper into your black hole.

Step 4. Stay laser focused on ONE project until you see it working. Don’t quit after a few weeks.This is so important. Follow one guru. Join only one MLM.

Drop everything else, even if you think the program will “assist” you with your ONE FOCUSED project. Usually it is just a distraction.

You can get focused and rise up out of your black hole. It takes time. But the rewards are SO worth it. I should know. I have done it. You can to.

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Are You Stuck In an Internet Marketing Black Hole?

Black HoleIf you really think about a “Black Hole” it is not a place that anyone of us would want to be. I mean, it’s a hole that is hard to get out of, and besides that, it is so dark that we can’t even see HOW to get out of the hole. Not to mention, what critters are down there with us?

But sadly, this is where I found myself about a half-year ago, and it is taking some very concerted effort on my part to escape, and to stay out of that Black Hole.

The Black Hole I’m talking about is you jumping from one online money-making venture to the next, without staying focused and disciplined long enough with just ONE program until you become profitable. This is truly a Black Hole, because it is very deceiving the trick your mind is playing on you.

The trick comes about by what feels like  genuine accomplishment and moving forward- because you spent money on a new “money-making” program. The good feeling comes not from any RESULTS, but from the simple fact that you spent the money. Do you see the fallacy of this deception?

This Black Hole analogy comes from my mentor Charles Heflin of Social Media Science. He has a simple test that you can take to see if you are a Black Hole victim:

1) Do you  continue to seek software or a solution to enhance or expedite your online profitability?
2) Are you continuing to seek opportunity online?
3) Are you confused about what direction to take to meet you goals?
4) Do you sit in front of your computer in a trance trying to decide where to start?
5) Do you wake up late at night because you can’t sleep because your mind is racing for answers?
6) Do you scour online forums looking for a new trick or strategy?
7) Do you constantly buy new e-books or a new subscription in an effort to learn a new strategy?
8) Do you have a clear plan of action?
9) Do you have a library of information (hard drive) that you have barely looked at or read?
10) Do you frequent forums almost as if the forum itself were the answer to your money making needs?

Charles Heflin in his “The Master Plan” showed me that the only way to win online is when three people win. You do this by supplying interesting and relevant content . Your website visitors win by loving your quality content. Google wins because they are able to provide your quality content to their users. You win because you are rewarded with traffic from Google and sales because of your good content. Social Media Science teaches step by step how to do this.

I had to stop myself because I wasn’t getting anywhere – just further into the Black Hole. When I discovered that I didn’t have to use any tricks or strategies to trick the search engines, everything started to fall into place, and the simplicity of it all is amazing. It almost seems insane now to try to buck the system for a temporary gain.

So, if you too are in a Black Hole, there is hope. Realize that you are there, and commit to FOCUSING and staying very disciplined on just ONE online venture. Visit Social Media Science and see how simple a change you can make.