Your Approach to Your Business – Are you a Part-Timer or a Some-Timer?

StephenBolinNetwork marketing is an interesting business to keep an eye on. You see different trends, and different “approaches ” in prospecting. But after a while there is not much new stuff being introduced. It is still a people business, and it will always be a people business.

One of the first things a new recruit starts asking questions about is “how do I approach my family? How do I approach my friends? How do I approach my neighbors? They want to know exactly what to say, and if you have some good scripts that they can learn, they get really excited.

This is all dandy and good, except the rejection keeps coming, and the new recruit starts wondering if he is cut out for this. He also thinks it may be just the company or the product that people don’t like. She almost never stops and thinks the problem might be between her own two ears.

So instead of concentrating on your approach to your neighbors, family and friends, what about your approach to your business? Say what? Yes, what is your approach to your own business? I’ll tell you how most network marketers approach their business – as a “some-timer” or a “part-timer” or a “just checking it out-timer” or an “if I make $1000 in the first week – timer -I’ll stick around.” Your approach to your business means everything. It means whether or not you will succeed in network marketing.

Here’s what’s happening. As you go out to prospect, and you open your mouth and stutter and tell them you’re new and just got in, they smile and are thinking – “I sure as heck don’t want to do that myself!”. Even if your “approach” is professional and smooth, your prospect can read between the lines – “he’s nothing but a “some-timer” – why should I bother following him?” You may be fooling yourself, but if you aren’t totally committed to your business, your prospects will pick up on this every single time.

I wrote another blog post about this – the 3 Stages of Belief.  You will be as successful in network marketing as you are passionate about your business, and work at it full-time – at least in your thinking. For many people, this realization happens all at once, and suddenly you no longer have any fear of picking up that 30 lb phone. I don’t know what will trigger this for you. But it can happen in an instance. I believe it happens because you are preparing yourself for your future, and you finally see yourself exactly like you are, and you say – “I am better than that! I’m not going to allow my limiting beliefs to hold me back anymore! Get out of my way! Here I come!”


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Frustrated With MLM? Good! Now You Have a Chance to Change!

DBU031I recently listened to a great MP3 from Todd Falcone with the subject “Moving From Frustration to Inclination”

He is an awesome teacher. More accurately a TRAINOR. And he only trains you with the same stuff he learned in the MLM field as he built a great business.

If you aren’t doing anything in your Network Marketing business to move it ahead, you will stay right where you are.  That is a given.

Here are the 7 keys to move out of your frustration.

1) Get “deadly” serious about your business. Act like you are the CEO and you are looking to hire quality and outgoing sales people. If you think about your business as a hobby, or a maybe, you will stay right where you are.

2) Make an absolute commitment to DO IT and get GOOD at Doing IT. Doing what? Prospecting, follow-up, teaching, relationship building, goal setting, vision building. You have a choice: You can either get real GOOD at IT, or you can stink at IT. It’s your choice.

3) Get your Head screwed on straight. You aren’t going to build a 6-figure business overnight. It takes time to build a downline. It takes time to get a decent check.

4) Surround yourself with Success ALL The time. Listen to success oriented MP3’s. Read inspiring and uplifting books. Quit hanging out with those negative nelsons that bring you down.

5) We will get down in the doldrums every so often. How do we get out of these doldrums? There’s one way – PROSPECT your way out. It works every time.

6) Get GOOD, get REALLY GOOD at PROSPECTING – Daily! Your prospecting will either attract business or repel business – depending on how good you get at prospecting. The better you get, the more people you will attract.

7) STAY THE COURSE in the face of adversity.

Do you know that 85% of network marketers are women? If we aren’t actively prospecting women, we are missing out on a huge pile of money.

This is not an “easy” teaching to swallow. But ponder it and take it to heart. For those of you who are “dead” serious about building your business, these 7 things will mean the difference between exciting success and same-old, same-old mediocrity.