Thousands Now Use Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) Marketing – Who Never Thought They Would

Google AdwordsIs Google adwords right for your business?

Google adwords is one of the top methods to help you do very targeted marketing. Google has been the dominant search engine for over 7 years, and they are only getting stronger and bigger.  The majority of people searching online use Google – and a big percentage of these searches are local searches – looking for a business right in your city or town. And what might be alarming to you – many of them are searching for you.

I continue to be amazed and bewildered why more local businesses aren’t using Pay Per Click advertising, because it is one of the quickest ways to drive traffic and increase sales.  I really think there are 2 reasons why more local businesses don’t give Adwords a shot.

  • 1) Most local business owners don’t have the time to learn much about how PPC (Pay Per Click) works, and they haven’t taken the time to research it.
  • 2) They have “heard” that PPC is expensive and that many people lose money just trying it.

In this article my goal is to answer both of these “issues” and hopefully give you  one more marketing arrow to put in your quiver. When Google adwords is done “right” – and for the right business – the results are amazing. Your marketing ROI – Return on Investment – never looked better.

My biggest complaint against most traditional marketing – yellow pages, direct mail, newspaper, radio and TV – you have no real way to gauge your ROI. You can certainly get a “feel” for what marketing  is driving your sales – but you just aren’t sure. With Google Adwords – they have amazing analytics to assist you in optimizing each one of your ads.

Here’s the great benefit of Google Adwords:

You know exactly what is going on. Google supplies you with a whole host of different tools so you can analyze and measure your adwords performance. One important thing with Google is “relevance.” They actually give you a “quality score” based on how relevant your ads are to the keywords you chose, and also how relevant your website is to the keywords and the ads that you created.

In other words, if you have a website about 150 different kinds of dogs, and your keyword is “Labrador puppy toys” – the link to your website better not send them just to your “home page.” That is not being relevant. You need to send them to the exact page where you talk about “Labrador puppy toys.”

Google actually raises or lowers your Adwords price based on your quality score. So to get better pricing, (and better ROI!) be smart about increasing your quality score. Google has ways to measure all of this and will even look at your website and grade that too.

What kinds of businesses do well by using PPC?

One rule of thumb for local service businesses is “what is the value of one new customer?” If this number is above $300 – Google adwords could work great. Pay Per Click works really well for bigger “customer value” businesses, like doctors, dentists, chiropractors and attorneys – and roofing companies, and flooring businesses.

If you sell products and have an online store, this is a whole new ball game. Google adwords – Pay Per Click – could work incredibly well, but it’s important to define your market, and do some research on your competition. It’s also very wise to put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and think like them for a day or two. What are they wanting from your product? If you can discover more of the emotional reasons why they are ready to pull out their credit card for your product, and you target your Google adwords marketing around this emotional reason, you will be light years ahead of your competition.

Call me, Stephen Bolin (616.805.1338) if you need assistance in exploring  Google Adwords. I have been a student of Pay Per Click for over 5 years. You should have a $1500 minimum monthly marketing budget so you can set up  a good Pay Per Click campaign.

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