A Critical Review of MonVie – Can “Average Erin” Make any Money?

miami-beachA relative newcomer on the MLM scene, Monavie opened their doors in January of 2005 in the great state of Utah. Founded by Randy Larsen, Daniel Larsen and Henry Marsh, they have grown very fast and are in 8 other countries besides the USA. They have done remarkably well, basing their whole business on one fruit, the acai berry. They throw in another 18 different berries to make up the complete drink.

I know a woman who is in Monavie and I don’t think she is making very much money. But she is still excited and says she has a large downline. Her upline is very supportive and she likes the products and the Monavie compensation plan.

When I questioned her a little further, I found out she has one strong leg and one weak leg. (Binary Compensation Plan) But her whole bonus structure is based on her weak leg, not her strong one. If she quits her autoship, she loses all her downline in the bigger leg. So even if she isn’t making much money, she stays on autoship, with the hope that her weaker leg will start growing.

It’s hard to give out bonus points to Monavie for their compensation plan. At least not the portion of the plan that removes your downline if you don’t stay on autoship. There are many compensation plans that help to diminsh the inherent “in-fighting” that happens in binary and unilevel network marketing companies.

It is crucial to get a brand new recruit up to speed and making money as soon as possible. This is so they stick around and don’t quit their big network marketing opportunity. To assist with this, Monavie offers 8 separate ways you can get paid, according to their compensation plan. These are direct sales, bulk order bonuses, team commissions, first order bonus, executive check match, star maker bonus, leadership pools and multiple business centers.

According to their figures on August 29, 2009, 50% of their distributors earn on average $23 per week. 35% earn, on average, $35 per week. When you combine these two figures, this means 85% of Monavie distributors either don’t make enough or barely make enough to pay for their autoship in their Monavie business opportunity. This is probably in line with the data of most other MLM companies.

I looked all through their compensation plan for any allusion to lead generation or other unique ways to actively build your downline in this home based business. I didn’t really unearth anything that looked like lead generation.

This is my complaint with many network marketing companies. They are very much “old school” in the way they do business. Old school network marketing undoubtedly can work great. There is nothing inherently improper with it. But its main draw-back is it’s hard to duplicate your efforts, since old school is more personality driven.

What I mean by this is if your A-type personality upline is making tons of money, there’s no promise you will make tons of money by doing exactly what he did. If you lack his personality style and are afraid to pick up the phone, you probably won’t make it big – unless you change.

B So what is lead generation, anyway? How would you utilize lead generation with the Monavie business opportunity?

One method is to use Attraction Marketing, which is in essence a way of attracting people to your business by means of a “third party” funded proposal. I know, that sounds like greek or geek talk.

A funded proposal is an e-book, for instance, that you sell to your prospect. She will pay $20 to $39 for the book, and she is so excited to grab this material because it will help her in herĀ  efforts to market and grow her own multi-level opportunity.

So how do you get this person interested in YOUR Monavie business? Since you introduced her to a very important tool that helps grow her own business, she won’t forget you. A small percentage of these people will be looking for a new opportunity or will be looking to change companies. And remembering your leadership, they will want to join YOUR company.

Attraction marketing really works. It’s been proven time and time again. You “attract” people to you. And without a doubt its the very best way to insure your work from home Monavie network marketing business will be a huge success.

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