MLM Prospecting – The 2 MLM Success Secrets

A few years ago, I was listening to a new CD set from Jeffrey Combs called The Money Masters I. This is 8 separate CDs just full of incredible information on having the correct money mindset.

One CD especially grabbed my heart, because it talked about MLM prospecting and it showed me a completely different mindset on approaching prospects. This CD is by Doug Firebaugh. I quickly searched for him on Google and was amazed of the great content that he has on his blog. I encourage you to get to know Doug Firebaugh. He will help your MLM business in a very special way.

So here is an article by Doug Firebaugh about prospecting, rejection, deception and winning. I encourage you to really study this article. It will give you the freedom to not worry at all about what people think of you. When you fully realize that it is not YOU that they are rejecting, you will become unstoppable! Here it is:

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MLM Prospecting – Your First 30 Seconds is Critical. Don’t Screw it Up!


The first words that come out of your mouth when you contact a brand new MLM prospect will determine to a vast degree whether that person will even respond to you in a civil manner. To emphasize the severity of the problem, I will give you a few examples of how a lot of enthusiastic newbies “assail” their MLM prospects.

A standard prospecting “cold market” approach usually startles the prospect with an awkward pitch about their product. “Do you know anyone with an aching back or joint pain? I’ve got an incredible doctor approved all-natural juice that will take all the pain away in just a few hours.” Then comes silence and the prospect says, “Pardonme, but I have to get going.”

Another thing that newbies do is they “vomit” all over their prospect. Without even knowing if the prospect is paying attention, they sit down and “show them the plan” or go through their company’s business presentation. Even if the prospect WAS interested, they would most likelysay “no thanks” because they can’t see themselves doing the same thing.

Here’s the first rule that will make a giant difference in your MLM prospecting:

1) You have only one duty and one duty only when it comes to MLM prospecting. Your approaching people is only to create curiosity. Doesn’t that really simplify everything? Think about it. All you are doing is “permission marketing” – you are finding out if the prospect is open to new ideas or closed to new ideas. And what do you do if they are closed to new ideas? That’s right! You let them go. Don’t make the mistake of trying to coerce them into being “open.”

2)How do you create curiosity? There are a few methods, but the thing to drum into your head is this prospecting stuff is not about you, your product, your company, or your compensation plan. It is about your prospect. What is she looking for? Is she even looking?

To approach people, this is how you do it:
1)You can compliment the person
2)You can ask a question  and
3)You can have opening phrases – these are my favorite! They are a great way to transition into more relationship building with the person.

Here’s a few opening phrases that arouse their curiousity:
1)”Maybe you can help me”
2)”I need your help”
3)”You know Sally, I’ve run across something I want to share with you.”
4) Here’s one more – “Do you know anyone who wants to generate 2 or 3 Thousand dollars extra each month – without altering anything that they’re doing?”

When you change your whole prospecting method, and generate curiosity, people will respond to you. You are in the relationship building business. People want someone to follow. Why can’t that someone be you? When you focus on finding out what a person really wants, you can be that leader who has the answer they are looking for.

Your first 30 seconds in MLM prospecting doesn’t have to be a scary ordeal. With the ideas presented here, you have a brand new way to approach your prospects. Remember to just be yourself, relax and have fun. Your prospect will appreciate you not being uptight. And your MLM success and freedom is now one step closer to reality. All because of a simple change in strategy with the way you do MLM prospecting.

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