MLM Prospecting – The 2 MLM Success Secrets

A few years ago, I was listening to a new CD set from Jeffrey Combs called The Money Masters I. This is 8 separate CDs just full of incredible information on having the correct money mindset.

One CD especially grabbed my heart, because it talked about MLM prospecting and it showed me a completely different mindset on approaching prospects. This CD is by Doug Firebaugh. I quickly searched for him on Google and was amazed of the great content that he has on his blog. I encourage you to get to know Doug Firebaugh. He will help your MLM business in a very special way.

So here is an article by Doug Firebaugh about prospecting, rejection, deception and winning. I encourage you to really study this article. It will give you the freedom to not worry at all about what people think of you. When you fully realize that it is not YOU that they are rejecting, you will become unstoppable! Here it is:

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Free Bonuses

Amercian self-help writer Napoleon Hill (1883-...
Napoleon Hill With His Own Book

This is a collection of a few of the greatest prosperity minds of the last century. As A Man Thinketh, by James Allen is a real classic. So is Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.

These books can all be downloaded to your own computer. They are my gift to you. My desire it that you benefit and prosper immensely from these books, like I have. Please tell others about this resource and what you are learning. I want as many people as possible to make a lot of money this year.

If you want to absolutely change your life, you MUST work on yourself MORE than you work on your business. A very simple strategy is to read 10 pages / day, every day. Is this EASY to do? Yes it is. Is this EASY NOT to do? You bet. But if you make the choice to read these books, 10 pages every day, you will get through all of them easily in less than a year. The education you get by doing this small “easy” exercise – will be priceless!

Here is a classic video of Napoleon Hill as he explains how he was commissioned to write his best selling book ‘Think & Grow Rich.


An Iron Will As A Man Thinketh Think & Grow Rich Acres of Diamonds
Compensation Emerson The Game of Life The Science of Getting Rich The Richest Man In Babylon
Your Invisible Power The Master Key System The Creative Process in the Individual Self Help – Samuel Smiles
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Cultivating a Millionaire Mindset

Money is a very “touchy” subject with most people. They are very “hush-hush” about the money they earn or their mortgage payment. And it is considered in very poor taste to actually ask someone how much money they make. It is almost as if people are trying to look good, usually a lot better than they actually are doing.

Wealthy people, including millionaires (this isn’t “that” much money anymore!) have a very different way of looking at most things – and especially money. Wealthy people aren’t constantly thinking about money like people do that are struggling financially. Rich people also don’t worry about losing all their money, not because they can’t, but because they know they could earn it back in a hurry.

One thing I like to do is tell people I’m taking a survey. Then I say, “fill in the blank”. Rich people are__________. Wealthy people____________.  The answers I get are 95% negative. Rich people “suck” – they are “rude”, “uncaring” “steal from the poor” “don’t pay any taxes”, “they cheat – how do you think they got their money?”

Let me ask you a personal question. If you really feel like this, how can you possibly want to be wealthy or rich? You would turn into something that you despise. But most people really want to be wealthy, and they have never stopped to realize that their “wanting” to be wealthy sits in direct conflict with their sub conscious that is always telling them “rich people are crooks.”  Guess who wins? Yep – and the people stay poor and in their mediocrity all their life.


I have a number of great books that help me get my thinking straight. It doesn’t happen overnight, either. But when you start changing, you start noticing all around you, almost every where you go the hatred towards rich people.  One of these books is by T. Harv Eker “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” – Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth. It is a wonderful “how-to” book that is not just theory, but exercises to help you think different. Here’s a few quotes from this book.

“Rich people focus on opportunities. Poor people focus on obstacles.”

“Rich people choose to get paid on results. Poor people choose to get paid on time.”

“Rich people think “both.” Poor people think “either-or”. (Poor people are so concerned about the “competition” – there’s only so much to go around).

And here’s one of my favorite quotes from James Allen (As a Man Thinketh) – “They nourish the cause, while they curse the effect.”  It shows the folly of mankind in so many things they do.

So what do you do? Get T. Harv Eker’s book. It comes with a free ticket to his next seminar. Start being aware of what is coming out of your mouth. Especially with the economy the way it is,  be aware of people bragging about how little they paid for a box of corn flakes.  Would rich people do this? Keep your ears and your eyes open and you will not believe the huge difference in the way wealthy people think.

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