Are You Exercising Your Personal Choice for Freedom?

I love Og Mandino. Every one of his books is a big winner, in my opinion. He has a way of grabbing my heart in the first few pages and I don’t want the book to finish.

The latest Og Mandino book I’m reading is “The Choice” and is the story of Og Mandino’s own life. Each of us is confronted every single day with many choices that will either help us in our life or send us on a slow downward spiral. The purpose of this article is to get you to focus on what you are doing each and every day, and make the right choices that will move your business forward, and at the same time enrich the lives of you and the people you love.

With an online business we obviously spend a lot of time online. The big problem with this is all the distractions that pull us in every direction – if we let them. Just because you are “busy” doesn’t mean at all that you are doing anything to move your business forward. I know this personally to be true.

Why? You can easily spend an hour or two thinking that you are doing important stuff, but in reality you’re just checking email over and over again, checking out a forum or two, checking your Skype messages and responding to email and Skype again …… and two hours pass and you think you got a lot of work done.

Personally, I think Skype is a huge time waster. It is a lot worse than email. With Skype your sitting there waiting for the other person(s) to type their return message. I encourage you to limit Skype and email to just “checking in” every 2 hours or so.  I think every 4 hours would help make you even more productive.


So when I am at my computer to “work” here’s what “works” for me.

First of all I have a definite LIST of what I need to get done. This includes things like

“do a Camtasia video about prospecting”,

“do keyword research on list building”,

“write an article about Facebook” or

“go to my Tribe websites and comment on the new posts they have on their blogs”.

Second, I am very focused on what I am doing. I set a time frame for me getting the Camatasia video done – 30 minutes, including editing it and putting it up on You Tube. But while on You Tube, I can’t go looking around and checking my messages, because then I lose another 30 minutes. When I am done with the video, I take a short 5 minute break and then start on the next item on my list.

What is interesting for me, though, is I need to tie this whole thing DAILY into the bigger vision of what I am shooting for. In other words, when I read out loud my Napoleon Hill method of 6 steps for reaching my goal I think about what I need to accomplish that day. It may be small, but I know it is helping me reach the desired end.

Choice. It boils down to our daily choices. What will be your choice today about moving your business forward?

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Boost Your Traffic with a 90-Day Video Challenge

I caught wind of this today – a 90 day video challenge.  And the more I thought about it the more excited I became. Is is this easy to do, a video every day? Absolutely not. But is this also easy NOT to do, too? Yep! So I have a choice to make. Don’t do the challenge – or embrace the idea and “go for it!”

I decided to “go for it!” Here’s a video of me on my FIRST DAY!

[youtube width=”494″ height=”400″][/youtube]

As far as I know it is Mia Davies who started this challenge. She also has a Facebook group that is all about the 90 day video challenge. I encourage you to visit her blog and find out what other people are doing.

Here are the basic guidelines and some benefits from embarking on a 3 month challenge like this. The experience you gain from doing this and completing the 90 days is going to be life-changing. I thank Mia for the following:

  • You improve your ability to connect
  • You improve your ability to communicate a message powerfully
  • You improve your ability to express yourself and your ideas
  • You get your message to many people at one time
  • You start to accept and maybe even “like” yourself :)
  • You become more comfortable in your day to day interaction
  • You become more comfortable and confident in public speaking
  • You become more efficient in your speaking and communicating
  • And you will become much more proficient at quickly making videos.

Here Are the Simple Rules of the Challenge

  • Make a video every single day and post it to your YouTube channel, FB or any other location you like.
  • Keep your videos under 2 minutes
  • Share something that helps people or makes a difference for them. Either something you learned or experience or a challenge you overcame.
  • Have a call to action at the end of your videos to click a link to rate, comment or subscribe!
  • If you take this challenge on I promise you will see miracles in your life and your business in the next 30 days!!

Are you up for this? I hope you give it some thought. It could be a big boost to your online business. Let me know what you decide to do. Comment below and let me know how excited you are to give this a shot! It will be a lot of fun, too!

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