Does Dream Style Vacation Club Qualify as a SCAM?

running down beach.There are many, many scams going on today. We take pride in ourselves that we are smart enough that no scam artist will ever fool us. They promise the moon to us,  and then they don’t deliver. Or what they deliver is not what we had high hopes for.

The big reason scam artists are getting bolder and bolder is partly due to the recession that we are in. People are hoping for a better life, hoping for a way to make more money and hoping for a solution to their problem.

This high expectation, or hope, sets people up for getting scammed. They want so bad to believe the sales page of a get-rich-quick offer. Because of their dire financial position, good logic goes out the window, and they will believe almost anything that offers a solution to their pressing problem.

There’s another mindset that is fairly common today, and that is saying something like “Boy, was that a rip-off!” or “Let’s not eat there, that place is a rip-off.” The products in question are more than likely excellent products that are priced fairly. But because of a lower economic status, people mistake a higher price than they can afford for a scam or “rip-off.”

Lets get back to the key question: Is Dream Style Vacation Club a Scam? I’m sure in some people’s eyes it is a scam. But in my eyes and in a number of my friends eyes, Dream Style  is anything but a scam.

They offer real value for the money you spend. For $97 sign-up fee, you have access to a 23 year old travel company’s  expertise and some of the very lowest prices on travel, cruises, resorts, auto & limousine and air travel. Plus you have your own home travel business with a massively growing baby boomer market.

That’s not all. As you actively pursue your Dream Style Vacation Club  business,  and you follow the fast track program, you will sign up 2 more people. That’s the secret to making a lot of money in Dream Style. You get 2 people, and teach those 2 to get 2 people. As you do this, you reach a point where you earn $4000  in cash and you also receive a $1000 travel voucher.

The upside to the Dream Style Vacation Club business is this:  you cycle through their 2 different “matrix boards” and you come out the top with $16,000 in cash and a $4,000 travel voucher.  Then you rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.

So if you want to call Dream Style Vacation Club a scam, go right ahead. You will be in the minority and you could get yelled at by a bunch of passionate people.

The biggest cause of failure in MLM is the new associate doesn’t have a tried and true system to follow. Yes, she has the “write down 100 names and bother your friends and family” system. But we all know how well this one works! NOT! How do you learn the right marketing strategies and system so you can be successful?

Always keep in mind that entering the field of marketing is not that easy if you haven’t been trained. I know that when you join an MLM company like Dream Style, you want to be successful.

So the first thing you need to do is to establish a great marketing strategy. This will give you the “know-how” to be able to sponsor 10-20 reps a month. This will also put in your hand the key to the door of success.

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