The Power of Focus – How “Real” is Your Picture of Success?

Having an online business, or developing your offline business online requires hours and hours of time at a computer. This can have some very negative productivity results if a clear focus is not strictly adhered to.

What I mean, is there are so many distractions online – checking your email, checking your Facebook profile or page, clicking on Skype to see your new messages. Then there are the forums you need to check, and your different messaging accounts – Window, Yahoo, MSN, not to mention the MSN home page or checking on the latest stock quotes or baseball scores.

It’s a wonder we get anything done at all.

Today, right after church, I jumped in our Camry with my wife and 12 yr old son and 16 yr old daughter. We headed for Grand Rapids, about 30 minutes away to see our other daughter play soccer. She is a great soccer player and is in her second year of college.

I grabbed a favorite book of mine so I could read during the halftime and other breaks. The book is “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. It is well worn and I have a lot of underlining and notes.

I was astounded by what I read. I haven’t looked at this book in about 4 months. But what’s interesting is even though I have read this chapter a number of times, it never jumped out at me like it did today. It was like I never read this before!

There’s no way I can share adequately the content of this book. I can share my excitement about what it means to me and you can possibly benefit.What jumped out at me to day is this:

The Power of Focus.

Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” I am coming to really believe that. What David Allen points out is the focus we hold in our minds affects what we perceive and how we perform. When you focus on something, your online business, your golf swing, or an article you need to write, that focus instantly creates thought patterns and ideas you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Even your whole body responds to that image in your head, as if it were reality.

Do you see how powerful this is? Something else happens in our brains when we create and focus on a clear picture of what we want. This is called the RAS or Reticular Activating System. This is our brain’s search function, so much more powerful than a computer’s. It is programmed by what we focus on, and more primarily, what we identify with.

For example if you have your focus and passion set on getting a red BMW M6, your head will turn at every red car – just to see if it is a BMW. There have been volumes of books and papers written about the RAS. But what is fantastic is that something automatic and extraordinary happens in your mind when you create and focus on a clear picture of what you want.

Here is what David Allen says in his book about this:

“There is a simple but profound principle that emerges from understanding the way your perceptive filters work: you won’t see how to do it until you see yourself doing it. One of the most powerful skills in the world of knowledge work, and one of the most important to hone and develop, is creating clear outcomes.”

I have heard it so many times from people like Bob Proctor, Jeffrey Combs, Jim Rohn and Anthony Robbins – about picturing vividly in your mind what your success will look like. But David Allen has a unique style that really brings it home for me.

So I encourage you to build those vision boards, collect photos of your dream home, car, vacation, charity, or whatever it is that you are building your business for. Spend quality time each day just “daydreaming” picturing EXACTLY “what” it is going to look like. Picture yourself driving that red M6. Feel the warm sand squishing up between your toes, as you walk on the beach in front of your 5,000 square foot home. Make your vision so real that you can literally “taste” it.

What are you doing to make your dream a reality in your mind?