Can ACN Compete With the No Contract & No Fee Buzzirk Mobile?

WomanACN, Inc. is a huge company. They have been around for many years and have a presence in many different countries. They are obviously making money, and their leadership makes a lot of money too.

But when it comes to the general new person to MLM, ACN is a hard road to go down – at least if you follow ACN’s “tried and true” method of building your business. It is pretty much “old school” style. It works for some, but not for most.

I had quite a bit of support from my upline, but the videos and audios just didn’t jell with my way of doing business. I was an ACN rep for about a year, and then quit because I wanted to find a company that was less competitive and allowed me greater freedom to use the internet.

One of the drawbacks to ACN is the $499 sign-up fee. But once you sign up, the real quick money depends on if you can constantly keep signing up newbies each month. This throws you into a special bonus pool where the income can be very good.

One thing ACN doesn’t allow is advertising on your own website. They do and they don’t.  Your hands are so tied, that you have to almost be totally “generic” and not mention ACN or even the phone carriers, like Sprint. So the value of combining your own internet marketing to bolster your ACN income is lost.

One huge drawing card to the Buzzirk / Global Verge business is the low sign-up fee – $69.00. And the whole idea of the incredible internet speeds that come with your cool smart phone was something that was hard to pass up.

But it came as setback when Global Verge lost the first cell phone carrier that they had counted on. It has taken some time to piece everything together again.

It took Global Verge almost 3 months to recover. They are just starting to come out with some real cool phones, and they are even better than the Buzzirk phones were supposed to be a few months ago. The new phones from Global Verge are going to be called “Talk Smart” phones. They will be rolling out VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol – phones for your home. They say that the quality will be 3 steps above Vonage and much cheaper.

The “Talk Smart” cell phones will fit any budget and lifestyle. For example, you will pay $39.99 for a cell phone with unlimited talk and unlimited Text – USA. But what’s different – no contract, no taxes and no fees. This is something that ACN would find very hard to compete with.

What attracts people to Global Verge, besides the phones, is their commitment to finding money-saving products for your home. They are also committed to being “green” in their energy saving products.  Their compensation plan – a 3 x 9 matrix has a lot of unique bonus pools and unique matrix enhancements.

One piece of advice I would like to pass on about the company sponsored replicated web sites. Most MLM companies have these for their representative or IBO’s. Some companies charge you a monthly fee. Some, including Global Verge, don’t.

Here is the problem with replicated sites. They are usually about “LOOK AT ME – I’m such a great company – We are the world’s best and have the best products and medical research teams.” Blah, blah blah!! Your prospect really could care less. I’m serious. Another reason replicate sites don’t work is they really suck when it comes to SEO – Search Enging Optimization. In other words, how can Google  find your replicated site when your site  looks and acts like 30,000 others ones?

What is your prospect really looking for? A leader, like you, who can show them the way out of their miserable job, or lifestyle they are in. But you don’t know this unless you learn to ask the right questions. And sending your hungry prospect to your “cool replicated site” will turn them off real quick.

So what do you do? Go fishing! This is a whole different way of looking at it. Instead of overwhelming your new prospect by showing them the plan or business, you first of all throw out your line, and see if they bite. If they don’t bite, let them go. Yes, let them go. I know it’s hard to do, but you will feel better when you realize not everyone is cut out for your business.

One other thing that will help you in ACN or in Global Verge is to find a system that will automatically generate good quality leads for you. Can you imagine interested people calling you about your business instead of you calling them? How would you like to be getting 50 leads each and every day? I have a system that will absolutely work for you, any company, any product. Click here to start generating leads and sign-ups right away:  Red Hot Sponsoring