How To Find The Best Personal Development Business

Personal Development Business If you are thinking about starting your own personal development business, there is certainly a lot of opportunity – especially online. The personal development business is absolutely HUGE. I discovered a few statistics that show just how massive this whole industry really is.

The total self-improvement market in 2008 was about 11.5 billion dollars. The top motivational speakers include Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Phil McGraw, Dr. Laura, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, Suze Orman, John Gray, Tom Hopkins, Robert Kiyosaki, Zig Ziglar, Alex Mendossian, Bob Proctor and many others.

There are so many different subjects and topics that could be part of a personal development business. There are very few authors who have a command of all the different subjects. I think Anthony Robbins and Bob Proctor come the closest. But I probably am leaving out your favorite author.

Here are some of the main topics or subjects that are a part of this fantastic industry. Just look at all the variety that you can have as you consider your options for building your own personal development business: self assesment,  goal setting (personal, financial, relationship and health), learning style inventory, changing your behavior, mind power, personal wellness, interpersonal skills, career development, personal productivity, dieting, education, e-learning, emotions, energy, ethics, facing problems, family and family values.

When you consider the millions and millions of people that need help in all these areas, it’s not hard to see why the personal development market is so huge, and why it is growing bigger all the time. Right now is a great time to be pursuing your own personal development business.

With the increase of online learning, personal development is even taking a new and exciting turn. This is opening up some interesting  new doors for a budding entrepreneur to make a lot of money in personal development.

One of the big announcements in 2009 was a new online personal development network marketing business that uses high definition videos to teach short 8 -10 minute segments. It has attracted some of the top personal growth faculty in the whole industry. People like Brian Tracy, Alex Mendossian, Bob Proctor, John Gray, Stephen Covey and Hiram Smith.

The company is i Learning Global and it is growing like crazy. One reason is because the quality and variety of content is beyond comparison. People love the short high impact videos. For many it has become a morning ritual, before buzzing off to work. People are seeing a marked difference in their lives, in a short time, by just 8 to 10 minutes of video each day.

Here’s why I personally chose to build my fortune with i Learning Global:

1)There is no competition. And this is refreshing when you consider all the highly competitive juice, travel and communication businesses that are fighting each other for market share.

2)iLearningGlobal has a 90% retention rate. This means the number of people who stay with the company for at least 6 months. Guess what the industry average rate is? A disgusting 15%.

3)ILearningGlobal has a huge and growing market. Their market includes any business, business trainers, leaders, new business startups, coaches and the huge non-business market who gobble up self-help books and CD’s.

4)The iLearningGlobal company pays out a wopping 60% of earnings to the field. The industry average is about 40 to 45% with a few at 50%.

What does this all mean to you? You make a LOT more money with a LOT fewer people in your organization.

I am very thankful that I landed on the fastest growing team in all of iLearning Global. We have nightly webinars to invite new people. We have an incredible Fast Start Training. We show you how you can attract people to you instead of always chasing them. We have as system that will teach you exactly how to attract your own leads.

Please watch this short 2 minute video of Brian Tracy.  And the second video is by Bill Bartmann, the billionaire no one has heard of. His talk is incredible, because he lays out real clearly WHY a billionaire would even bother with iLearningGlobal. Fascinating!

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Visit iLearningGlobal

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Visit iLearningGlobal

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i Learning Global – Is This What You’ve Been Looking For?

I am so thankful that I “discovered” iLearning Global. Why?

Just in the last month, I have been viewing one short 8 minute video each day. The difference it has made in my world is worth so much more than the cost of the program.

For example, I recently concentrated on goal setting videos, and watched an incredible series from Bill Bartmann – and another super video from Brian Tracy. Bill Bartmann changed the whole way I approach goal setting by calling a goal a “promise.”

If you want to earn a LOT more money in 2010, continual learning is NOT an option. iLearning Global will help you be successful and will speed it up too.

Here’s a tremendous webinar I encourage you to watch. You will want to learn more about iLearning Global.

[viddler id=cb6d05c8&w=437&h=315]

Who Else Wants to Earn a LOT More Money This Year by Becoming a Brand New YOU?

i Learning Global

Take Charge Of Your Life – The Wisdom of Brian Tracy

Brian TracyThere have been hundreds of books and papers written on goal setting. I have read my share of them over the years. Even though many of the authors have different views about the mechanics of goal setting, most of them stress the importance of having clearly defined goals.

Setting goals is pointless if you haven’t yet taken charge of your own life. Brian Tracy has a chapter in his 2003 masterpiece book “Goals!” with that title: Take Charge of Your Life.

He talks about a defining moment when he was 21 years old, that changed his life. He realized that everything that would happen to him for the rest of his life was going to be up to him. No one was ever going to help him. No one was coming to the rescue. He learned at that young age what most people in their 40’s and 50’s still haven’t learned. And that is responsibility.

Here are 6 different ways to take charge of your life and start being a success.

1. Figure out what your biggest problem is. Are you in anyway responsible for this problem? This cuts right to where it hurts. Being self responsible and actually saying “I am responsible” will cancel any negative emotions you are experiencing.

2. Picture yourself as the President of your big company. Would you act any differently if you suddenly owned 100% of the shares? This is so important when it comes to building your own network marketing business. Are you just a part-timer or a some-timer? To be successful you need to assume total ownership of your company. And then start acting like it.

3.  Make the choice today to never again blame anyone else for your problems. Instead accept total responsibility for every aspect of your life. What actions should you be taking? So many people go through life being a victim. They live a life of failure and mediocrity because they mistakenly blame someone else for their problems. A great action to take is to ratchet up your level of responsibility. Again say over and over “I am responsible.”

4. Commit to never again making an excuse and instead start moving ahead. Picture in you mind that your favorite excuses are really not even true. How would this change your actions? For many network marketers, they have many excuses why they can’t prospect, or pick up the telephone. This is a fantastic exercise to quit procrastinating and get productive.

5. Picture yourself as the important creative force in your own life. You are where you are and what you are because of your own choices and decisions. What do you think you should change? This is one of those exercises that smacks you right across your head. You are exactly where you are in life because of your thinking. Change your thinking. Refuse to accept mediocrity. Push yourself constantly toward your goal.

6. If anyone has ever hurt you, decide today to forgive them and let it go. Don’t even discuss it again. It is history.

Once you have grappled with the 6 items above, you will be much more ready to embark on your goal setting challenge. There is nothing like a positive “kick in the pants” to foster more responsibility and less blaming of others.

Do you like articles like this one? Are you also looking for a way to perhaps “fire your boss?” Brian Tracy has pioneered and incredible Network Marketing business with ZERO competition and an unheard of 95% retention rate.  Look, click the link right below this and then email me that you want to get started.  I will introduce you to the fastest moving team and a sure fire way to get a ton of leads.