Social Media – Will It Help or Hurt Your Business?

Social Media is getting more important for any size business, each and every year. Each year new social media players come on the scene and the weaker ones disappear.  The important social media sites for business today (2014) are:

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus Local
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

These aren’t in any special order. Certain social media sites are more important for one kind of business and less important for others. For example, LinkedIn is especially critical for corporations and B to B (Business to Business) companies. YouTube is important for any business of any size – because of the nature of video today.

Google Plus Local is gaining in importance – especially in the last year (2013). When you consider that Google owns YouTube and Google Plus, I urge you to keep your eyes open to how Google Plus and YouTube are becoming more and more connected. And since Google owns the number one search engine in today’s world, it is my opinion that EVERY business should have a Google Plus Local presence. But don’t stop there. Learn how to optimize your Google Plus Local site, and how to become known – well known – to the people that are your prospective clients.

If you need more information, look right here at some of the videos and articles about LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter.

There is also changes that are in the wind with Google Search. One area is Google Now, which you can sign up for, if you want. Google Now is designed to bring more relevance and truth to search. For example, if you sign up, Google will keep track of where you go, what you search for, where you eat, what time you go to work, and a hundred other items. Once Google has a good database of your likes and times, when you do a google search – there is a much higher probability of delivering an exactly right answer.

This same scenario is going to be played out more and more in general search. Semantic Search and the Semantic Web are two related terms spelling out the new honesty, integrity and clear focused search that will be playing out in the next 4 to 6 months. Two important take-aways for any business are — 1) any web content needs to be fresh and totally original – and 2) Google authorship program should be pursued by any business owner. What this will do is lend a lot of credibility to you and your company.

Social media takes on a whole new importance Рwhen you view it in light of the Semantic  Web. Google will be searching many social media sites for confirmation of authenticity. Google will be looking for your name on other social media sites Рand will be checking out the integrity of your presence on these sites.

To wrap this up, Social Media is a MUST if you plan on having any internet business presence at all. With the direction the Semantic Web is moving, your business will thrive or falter based on the integrity of your words and actions and your involvement in at least a few social media sites.

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