A Critical Review of MonVie – Can “Average Erin” Make any Money?

miami-beachA relative newcomer on the MLM scene, Monavie opened their doors in January of 2005 in the great state of Utah. Founded by Randy Larsen, Daniel Larsen and Henry Marsh, they have grown very fast and are in 8 other countries besides the USA. They have done remarkably well, basing their whole business on one fruit, the acai berry. They throw in another 18 different berries to make up the complete drink.

I know a woman who is in Monavie and I don’t think she is making very much money. But she is still excited and says she has a large downline. Her upline is very supportive and she likes the products and the Monavie compensation plan.

When I questioned her a little further, I found out she has one strong leg and one weak leg. (Binary Compensation Plan) But her whole bonus structure is based on her weak leg, not her strong one. If she quits her autoship, she loses all her downline in the bigger leg. So even if she isn’t making much money, she stays on autoship, with the hope that her weaker leg will start growing.

It’s hard to give out bonus points to Monavie for their compensation plan. At least not the portion of the plan that removes your downline if you don’t stay on autoship. There are many compensation plans that help to diminsh the inherent “in-fighting” that happens in binary and unilevel network marketing companies.

It is crucial to get a brand new recruit up to speed and making money as soon as possible. This is so they stick around and don’t quit their big network marketing opportunity. To assist with this, Monavie offers 8 separate ways you can get paid, according to their compensation plan. These are direct sales, bulk order bonuses, team commissions, first order bonus, executive check match, star maker bonus, leadership pools and multiple business centers.

According to their figures on August 29, 2009, 50% of their distributors earn on average $23 per week. 35% earn, on average, $35 per week. When you combine these two figures, this means 85% of Monavie distributors either don’t make enough or barely make enough to pay for their autoship in their Monavie business opportunity. This is probably in line with the data of most other MLM companies.

I looked all through their compensation plan for any allusion to lead generation or other unique ways to actively build your downline in this home based business. I didn’t really unearth anything that looked like lead generation.

This is my complaint with many network marketing companies. They are very much “old school” in the way they do business. Old school network marketing undoubtedly can work great. There is nothing inherently improper with it. But its main draw-back is it’s hard to duplicate your efforts, since old school is more personality driven.

What I mean by this is if your A-type personality upline is making tons of money, there’s no promise you will make tons of money by doing exactly what he did. If you lack his personality style and are afraid to pick up the phone, you probably won’t make it big – unless you change.

B So what is lead generation, anyway? How would you utilize lead generation with the Monavie business opportunity?

One method is to use Attraction Marketing, which is in essence a way of attracting people to your business by means of a “third party” funded proposal. I know, that sounds like greek or geek talk.

A funded proposal is an e-book, for instance, that you sell to your prospect. She will pay $20 to $39 for the book, and she is so excited to grab this material because it will help her in her  efforts to market and grow her own multi-level opportunity.

So how do you get this person interested in YOUR Monavie business? Since you introduced her to a very important tool that helps grow her own business, she won’t forget you. A small percentage of these people will be looking for a new opportunity or will be looking to change companies. And remembering your leadership, they will want to join YOUR company.

Attraction marketing really works. It’s been proven time and time again. You “attract” people to you. And without a doubt its the very best way to insure your work from home Monavie network marketing business will be a huge success.

And now I would like to invite you to discover your very own system of generating 50 new leads every day – for your own MLM. You can get all the information and Free Training at Red Hot Sponsoring.com

Can ACN Compete With the No Contract & No Fee Buzzirk Mobile?

WomanACN, Inc. is a huge company. They have been around for many years and have a presence in many different countries. They are obviously making money, and their leadership makes a lot of money too.

But when it comes to the general new person to MLM, ACN is a hard road to go down – at least if you follow ACN’s “tried and true” method of building your business. It is pretty much “old school” style. It works for some, but not for most.

I had quite a bit of support from my upline, but the videos and audios just didn’t jell with my way of doing business. I was an ACN rep for about a year, and then quit because I wanted to find a company that was less competitive and allowed me greater freedom to use the internet.

One of the drawbacks to ACN is the $499 sign-up fee. But once you sign up, the real quick money depends on if you can constantly keep signing up newbies each month. This throws you into a special bonus pool where the income can be very good.

One thing ACN doesn’t allow is advertising on your own website. They do and they don’t.  Your hands are so tied, that you have to almost be totally “generic” and not mention ACN or even the phone carriers, like Sprint. So the value of combining your own internet marketing to bolster your ACN income is lost.

One huge drawing card to the Buzzirk / Global Verge business is the low sign-up fee – $69.00. And the whole idea of the incredible internet speeds that come with your cool smart phone was something that was hard to pass up.

But it came as setback when Global Verge lost the first cell phone carrier that they had counted on. It has taken some time to piece everything together again.

It took Global Verge almost 3 months to recover. They are just starting to come out with some real cool phones, and they are even better than the Buzzirk phones were supposed to be a few months ago. The new phones from Global Verge are going to be called “Talk Smart” phones. They will be rolling out VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol – phones for your home. They say that the quality will be 3 steps above Vonage and much cheaper.

The “Talk Smart” cell phones will fit any budget and lifestyle. For example, you will pay $39.99 for a cell phone with unlimited talk and unlimited Text – USA. But what’s different – no contract, no taxes and no fees. This is something that ACN would find very hard to compete with.

What attracts people to Global Verge, besides the phones, is their commitment to finding money-saving products for your home. They are also committed to being “green” in their energy saving products.  Their compensation plan – a 3 x 9 matrix has a lot of unique bonus pools and unique matrix enhancements.

One piece of advice I would like to pass on about the company sponsored replicated web sites. Most MLM companies have these for their representative or IBO’s. Some companies charge you a monthly fee. Some, including Global Verge, don’t.

Here is the problem with replicated sites. They are usually about “LOOK AT ME – I’m such a great company – We are the world’s best and have the best products and medical research teams.” Blah, blah blah!! Your prospect really could care less. I’m serious. Another reason replicate sites don’t work is they really suck when it comes to SEO – Search Enging Optimization. In other words, how can Google  find your replicated site when your site  looks and acts like 30,000 others ones?

What is your prospect really looking for? A leader, like you, who can show them the way out of their miserable job, or lifestyle they are in. But you don’t know this unless you learn to ask the right questions. And sending your hungry prospect to your “cool replicated site” will turn them off real quick.

So what do you do? Go fishing! This is a whole different way of looking at it. Instead of overwhelming your new prospect by showing them the plan or business, you first of all throw out your line, and see if they bite. If they don’t bite, let them go. Yes, let them go. I know it’s hard to do, but you will feel better when you realize not everyone is cut out for your business.

One other thing that will help you in ACN or in Global Verge is to find a system that will automatically generate good quality leads for you. Can you imagine interested people calling you about your business instead of you calling them? How would you like to be getting 50 leads each and every day? I have a system that will absolutely work for you, any company, any product. Click here to start generating leads and sign-ups right away:  Red Hot Sponsoring

Struggling In MLM? No Friends Left? Quitting? Attraction Marketing To the Rescue!

42-15530900Attraction marketing is a way for you to generate income from your prospects even if they never join your business. If you are struggling in your network marketing business, the BEST thing you can do is find out exactly what attraction marketing  is – and then start using it.

What is awesome about attraction marketing is it allows you to generate leads that are totally exclusive to you and not from one of the many lead companies that want your money. If you have bought thousands of biz-opp leads (like I have), having your own quality leads contacting YOU is totally new and refreshing.

Attraction marketing is not a magic bullet but it will put you in a position that you are talking to the right people instead of a bunch of tire kickers and time wasters. Attraction marketing is a smarter, more leveraged solution than making poor use of your time by calling a bunch of dead beat “why are you calling me?” leads or posting fliers on windshields.

So how does attraction marketing work? It’s the process of selling an inexpensive but useful information product on the front end to cover your ongoing advertising expenses. And then you “back-end” your prospect into your main product or opportunity. This is easy to do because you are the “expert” that they are looking for.

There are 3 BIG benefits that you will experience by implementing attraction marketing.

1) Create Momentum – Marketing a SOLUTION instead of your product or business opportunity is a process that in the beginning will get your new partners earning immediately, creating confidence as well as momentum in your team. The amazing thing is this system works with ANY MLM company. It doesn’t matter what network marketing company you are in, attraction marketing is phenomenal.

By using attraction marketing you and your downline will have all the free training that you need to be able to build your business both online as well as offline. Attraction marketing will enable a real tight bond to form within your group. And it will make sure that you are going after only your target market, which is other network marketers.

The money that you make in attraction marketing will help pay for your continued marketing. You have to look way beyond just your family and friends if you want to build a huge and sustainable business. There are 2 HUGE challenges that confront 95% of network marketers in the world today. The first challenge is not having enough money to advertise to stay in the game long enoug to make a profit. The second problem is you run out of people to talk to. Attraction marketing eliminates both of these problems.

2) Great Cash Flow – The second benefit of attraction marketing is having the cash flow necessary to continue marketing your solution. Your team will also have enough cash to continue their lead generation. And this is SO critical. Listen! You have only 63 days to get a new excited team member up to speed and making money. Attraction marketing will help to keep them “in the game.” Just think  what this will mean to your business!

3) Leads, Leads and More Leads – The third benefit is MLM lead generation.  Attraction marketing provides you with highly targeted people who are either already in a network marketing business, or are actively looking for one. You don’t have to bother with wasting all your time chasing after the 85% of people who have no desire at all to be an entrepreneur.

You can put a smile on your face knowing that you have found the “holy grail” of how to make money in network marketing. You have graduated from a peddler of products and biz ops, to a genuine marketer of a needed solution. It’s called attraction marketing.

Does Dream Style Vacation Club Qualify as a SCAM?

running down beach.There are many, many scams going on today. We take pride in ourselves that we are smart enough that no scam artist will ever fool us. They promise the moon to us,  and then they don’t deliver. Or what they deliver is not what we had high hopes for.

The big reason scam artists are getting bolder and bolder is partly due to the recession that we are in. People are hoping for a better life, hoping for a way to make more money and hoping for a solution to their problem.

This high expectation, or hope, sets people up for getting scammed. They want so bad to believe the sales page of a get-rich-quick offer. Because of their dire financial position, good logic goes out the window, and they will believe almost anything that offers a solution to their pressing problem.

There’s another mindset that is fairly common today, and that is saying something like “Boy, was that a rip-off!” or “Let’s not eat there, that place is a rip-off.” The products in question are more than likely excellent products that are priced fairly. But because of a lower economic status, people mistake a higher price than they can afford for a scam or “rip-off.”

Lets get back to the key question: Is Dream Style Vacation Club a Scam? I’m sure in some people’s eyes it is a scam. But in my eyes and in a number of my friends eyes, Dream Style  is anything but a scam.

They offer real value for the money you spend. For $97 sign-up fee, you have access to a 23 year old travel company’s  expertise and some of the very lowest prices on travel, cruises, resorts, auto & limousine and air travel. Plus you have your own home travel business with a massively growing baby boomer market.

That’s not all. As you actively pursue your Dream Style Vacation Club  business,  and you follow the fast track program, you will sign up 2 more people. That’s the secret to making a lot of money in Dream Style. You get 2 people, and teach those 2 to get 2 people. As you do this, you reach a point where you earn $4000  in cash and you also receive a $1000 travel voucher.

The upside to the Dream Style Vacation Club business is this:  you cycle through their 2 different “matrix boards” and you come out the top with $16,000 in cash and a $4,000 travel voucher.  Then you rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.

So if you want to call Dream Style Vacation Club a scam, go right ahead. You will be in the minority and you could get yelled at by a bunch of passionate people.

The biggest cause of failure in MLM is the new associate doesn’t have a tried and true system to follow. Yes, she has the “write down 100 names and bother your friends and family” system. But we all know how well this one works! NOT! How do you learn the right marketing strategies and system so you can be successful?

Always keep in mind that entering the field of marketing is not that easy if you haven’t been trained. I know that when you join an MLM company like Dream Style, you want to be successful.

So the first thing you need to do is to establish a great marketing strategy. This will give you the “know-how” to be able to sponsor 10-20 reps a month. This will also put in your hand the key to the door of success.

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Attraction Marketing Instead of Pestering Friends and Family

A beautiful young college student writing on a notebook outdoorNetwork Marketing, also know  as MLM for Multi-Level Marketing, has gotten a ‘black eye’ as an industry because of the traditional way we have been marketing.

Here is the problem. We get introduced to network marketing by a friend and we just go bananas with excitement. Why? We’ve seen the circles drawn on a white board and our downline has already grown to thousands of people in our own imagination.

We simply can’t understand why EVERYONE won’t get just as excited as we are.  Our approach to people is rather obnoxious. We are in their face with our products and opportunity.  We call up our best friend and say “Charlie, I’ve got something real exciting that you are simply going to love! I’ll be right over.” Charlie already has his guard up, because he senses he is about to be sold.

Since Charlie said “NO” to me, I decide to try harder with my next prospect.  The problem gets even worse when we start leaving behind a trail of friends and family, because they said no to an opportunity — but we think they said no to us. We take it personally.  We are quickly becoming a member of the NFL Club – No Friends Left.

The other major problem we face as a new MLM-er is we run out of money before we are able to build our vast empire.  How can this be?

There is an industry wide statistic that says it all:  A new network marketer on your team has 62 days to start turning a profit. In other words,  making more money than is going out.  What happens after 62 days? They quit – unless you have taught them a system that shows them how to make money and find new people to fill their prospecting funnel. If you can do this inside of the now famous 62 days, you will have a successful and growing team because of one thing – real duplication.

This is the whole idea behind Attraction Marketing. Instead of bothering and pestering people, you “attract” them to you.  This is quite a shift in our thinking, because we are so used to prospecting with a hammer.

Attraction Marketing really is all about marketing to only the people that are attracted to our message. And our message is “Build a Big Fat monthly income with thousands of people in your downline, and do it without pestering your family and friends.”  We are looking ONLY for other network marketers and MLM wanabees.

Attraction Marketing also is about funding your prospecting efforts. We use what is called a “funded proposal” which is fancy talk for making money off your prospect even if she doesn’t join your primary business. The money we make keeps paying for our continued prospecting. Think about how “smart” this really is!

If you are a struggling Network Marketer, you have just found an incredible way to finally earn the respect of your friends and your spouse that you deserve. You’ll also make a boat load of money!

For more information about setting up your own Attraction Marketing sales funnel, visit here:  www. RedHotSponsoring.com

Are You Stuck In an Internet Marketing Black Hole?

Black HoleIf you really think about a “Black Hole” it is not a place that anyone of us would want to be. I mean, it’s a hole that is hard to get out of, and besides that, it is so dark that we can’t even see HOW to get out of the hole. Not to mention, what critters are down there with us?

But sadly, this is where I found myself about a half-year ago, and it is taking some very concerted effort on my part to escape, and to stay out of that Black Hole.

The Black Hole I’m talking about is you jumping from one online money-making venture to the next, without staying focused and disciplined long enough with just ONE program until you become profitable. This is truly a Black Hole, because it is very deceiving the trick your mind is playing on you.

The trick comes about by what feels like  genuine accomplishment and moving forward- because you spent money on a new “money-making” program. The good feeling comes not from any RESULTS, but from the simple fact that you spent the money. Do you see the fallacy of this deception?

This Black Hole analogy comes from my mentor Charles Heflin of Social Media Science. He has a simple test that you can take to see if you are a Black Hole victim:

1) Do you  continue to seek software or a solution to enhance or expedite your online profitability?
2) Are you continuing to seek opportunity online?
3) Are you confused about what direction to take to meet you goals?
4) Do you sit in front of your computer in a trance trying to decide where to start?
5) Do you wake up late at night because you can’t sleep because your mind is racing for answers?
6) Do you scour online forums looking for a new trick or strategy?
7) Do you constantly buy new e-books or a new subscription in an effort to learn a new strategy?
8) Do you have a clear plan of action?
9) Do you have a library of information (hard drive) that you have barely looked at or read?
10) Do you frequent forums almost as if the forum itself were the answer to your money making needs?

Charles Heflin in his “The Master Plan” showed me that the only way to win online is when three people win. You do this by supplying interesting and relevant content . Your website visitors win by loving your quality content. Google wins because they are able to provide your quality content to their users. You win because you are rewarded with traffic from Google and sales because of your good content. Social Media Science teaches step by step how to do this.

I had to stop myself because I wasn’t getting anywhere – just further into the Black Hole. When I discovered that I didn’t have to use any tricks or strategies to trick the search engines, everything started to fall into place, and the simplicity of it all is amazing. It almost seems insane now to try to buck the system for a temporary gain.

So, if you too are in a Black Hole, there is hope. Realize that you are there, and commit to FOCUSING and staying very disciplined on just ONE online venture. Visit Social Media Science and see how simple a change you can make.

Frustrated With MLM? Good! Now You Have a Chance to Change!

DBU031I recently listened to a great MP3 from Todd Falcone with the subject “Moving From Frustration to Inclination”

He is an awesome teacher. More accurately a TRAINOR. And he only trains you with the same stuff he learned in the MLM field as he built a great business.

If you aren’t doing anything in your Network Marketing business to move it ahead, you will stay right where you are.  That is a given.

Here are the 7 keys to move out of your frustration.

1) Get “deadly” serious about your business. Act like you are the CEO and you are looking to hire quality and outgoing sales people. If you think about your business as a hobby, or a maybe, you will stay right where you are.

2) Make an absolute commitment to DO IT and get GOOD at Doing IT. Doing what? Prospecting, follow-up, teaching, relationship building, goal setting, vision building. You have a choice: You can either get real GOOD at IT, or you can stink at IT. It’s your choice.

3) Get your Head screwed on straight. You aren’t going to build a 6-figure business overnight. It takes time to build a downline. It takes time to get a decent check.

4) Surround yourself with Success ALL The time. Listen to success oriented MP3’s. Read inspiring and uplifting books. Quit hanging out with those negative nelsons that bring you down.

5) We will get down in the doldrums every so often. How do we get out of these doldrums? There’s one way – PROSPECT your way out. It works every time.

6) Get GOOD, get REALLY GOOD at PROSPECTING – Daily! Your prospecting will either attract business or repel business – depending on how good you get at prospecting. The better you get, the more people you will attract.

7) STAY THE COURSE in the face of adversity.

Do you know that 85% of network marketers are women? If we aren’t actively prospecting women, we are missing out on a huge pile of money.

This is not an “easy” teaching to swallow. But ponder it and take it to heart. For those of you who are “dead” serious about building your business, these 7 things will mean the difference between exciting success and same-old, same-old mediocrity.

What Motivates You? Are You Going Somewhere or Are You STUCK?

CB035564If you were to ask 25 people a day a simple question “What motivates you?” most of them would look at you kind of dumbfounded and if they did say anything it would be “to be able to eat” or something profound like that.

Most people are just skating through life, with no real reason for getting out of bed in the morning except because that’s just what they’ve always done. They are on the 40/40/40 /40 plan.  Work a 40 h0ur week for 40 years earning $40K per year and retire with a $40 watch.

For those who have bigger dreams of breaking out of that mold, having a strong and powerful WHY is not an option.

Statistically only 7% of people will ever achieve a 6 figure income. Only 1/10 of 1% of you will have a net worth of a million dollars. Facts and logic says that most of you will never achieve your dreams.

But you are different. Entrepreneurs are different, that’s for sure. We don’t fit into the mold of normal people. We are renegades. We are don’t fit into the 9 dots. We are mavericks.

The success you will achieve in life is in direct proportion to your why. I will be exploring more about how important a WHY is to your whole being – your health, your mental well-being and your wealth. Finding out your why is a very exciting event. But the interesting thing is your WHY keeps changing as you keep changing. That’s the exciting thing – change!