GVO – A Big Money Saver? or Just a Waste of Time?

GVOSince jobs are hard to come by, people are looking for alternative ways to make money and of course the internet is high on their list. Many people want to join a good MLM company, and there are always people who want to do network marketing online.

Starting an online business can be frustrating and also tricky. Why? There are so many options and so many people offering solutions. When new, you don’t know who to believe, and you also don’t know exactly what you need.

For example, what does a new person do about buying a domain name? What is their criteria that they use to pick a hosting company for their new web site? What kind of website or blog do you want? Is there a big difference between the two? What the heck is an autoresponder? Do I need one of those? How would I get that “opt-in” form on my website?

These are just a few of the many decisions you need to make, and we haven’t even started talking about building traffic and getting customers who want to buy. This is why many people struggle to make money online. I also think expectations are way out of whack online. If it takes 2 years with an offline business to start making money, why do people online get discouraged when it isn’t working for them in 3 months?

Here’s how it happened for me. I jumped in with both feet, and got all wet right away. I bought too many domain names, thinking “that one’s going to be a great business.” I bought them from 6 different companies, so I really didn’t know what I actually had.

I was using 4 different hosting companies. One had super duper separate Class C IP’s. (don’t ask!) I tried using my own autoresponder software, until I realized I could get my whole email and hosting shut down for spamming. Did all this work? It is starting to. You know how long I’ve been doing this? Yep – 2 years!

With all the problems that a new person is confronted with, I thought “Why doesn’t someone come out with a unique system that has everything an online business needs?” Then when someone actually did come out with this, I didn’t believe it. I didn’t even take a look.

But then a good friend called me and said “You’ve GOT TO take a look at GVO. Every top internet marketer is part of this.”  So I did and was blown away at how much money I could save with their system.

And I know or have heard of over 1/2 of the “gurus” that are actually part of GVO and are teaching in the GVO program.

So what is GVO? Global Virtual Opportunities. It is a one-stop source for all your online business needs. Domains, hosting, autoresponders, video templates, goto meeting type capability and much more. They have videos that teach you how to do everything. I’m saving about $90 per month over buying all those things separately.

But the biggest surprise is that GVO is a network marketing business too. YES! These 30 gurus put together one of the coolest businesses I have seen. Can you imagine a business where your product saves people money?

And these same people will benefit from the tutorials, videos, and online training that all these 30 gurus will be teaching. It’s all part of your low monthly hosting expense. And when you just can’t help but tell all your downline about this, you’ll start building a second stream of income. And your plan “B” can be well on it’s way.

I invite you to take a 14 day “Try Everything” trial for only 4 quarters.
For instant access click here:  GO GVO!

Mandura Review – Is this the company to bank your future MLM Success

ManduraSo many people are looking for a great home-based business, especially with people losing their jobs.  They jump into a network marketing – MLM – business because it usually doesn’t cost much at all. So when a new MLM company breaks onto the scene, it grabs a lot of attention. What things can you do in a new company like this to insure your success?

Mandura is a relatively new network marketing company, that got its start in 2008.  They are basing their success on one juice drink, containing 4 exotic or royal fruits. These fruits are the durian, mangosteen, acai and blueberry. They are blended together to make a pure and healthy drink that has a very good taste.

The CEO of Mandura is Casey Yarbrough who is a veteran of network marketing. Right after he graduated from college and with a brand new bride, he joined Excel Communications. He was able to make enough money in Excel to have his wife stay home with their new baby. Within 5 years they had a downline organization of over 10,000 representatives.

To jump with both feet into a very crowded network marketing “Juice” market, you have to have either a unique product or a marketing strategy that is very creative – or both. Mandura’s juice is an incredible drink, but so are 20 other competitors’ products. One thing that impressed me was the interesting way Mandura bottles the drink, with absoluely no additives or preservatives.

That leaves us with their marketing strategy, One Line, One Team, One Vision. Mandura really stress the One Line, One Team way of building the Mandura business. It is the first company to ever implement a Straight Line Forced Matrix compensation plan. How does this Straight Line compensation plan work?

Once a person joins Mandura as an IBO, any IBO that joins after them will be part of their downline organization, regardless of who personally sponsored the new person. What this means is if Mandura grows by 317 IBO’s today, your organization grows by 317. This is certainly an interesting way to look at a straight line compensation strategy. This helps build excitement in a new sign-up, seeing so many new people in his organization each and every day.

One of the real bright pluses for Mandura is the low start up cost. For $30 you can join as an IBO and this includes your first bottle of juice – plus shipping. You don’t even have to buy a distributor kit. Can you believe that?

They also have a number of different ways you can get paid – 8 of them total. Mandura has set it up where a new IBO can actually earn more than his monthly autoship by selling just  a few bottles of the juice. The company has really gone overboard in trying to make it easier for the normal “hungry” person to make money quickly.

When considering a business like Mandura, what kind of marketing skills and knowledge do you already have? It is not easy to be successful if you don’t already have these skills. I know you want to be successful in an MLM company, like Mandura.

So the first thing you need to do is to establish a great marketing strategy. You will need that to be able to sponsor 10-20 new reps each month. Think of how that will make you feel – 15 new reps this month!

Learn the strategy to sponsor 10-20 reps effortlessly on auto-pilot. Put your name and email in the form below for instant access.

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Discovering Success in MLM – Your 3 Stages of Belief

j0438420You have probably heard the MLM success figures.  Over 95% of people fail at network marketing. There are many reasons for this failure, the biggest one being unreal expectations of quick money with little to no work required. These unreal expectations are passed on to the new person’s prospects, and the cycle keeps repeating itself.

The 3 stages of belief are 3 clearly defined stages that a normal person goes through on their MLM journey to success. The first 2 stages weed out most of the people – they become the 95% statistic we all have heard about. What can be done in these first 2 stages to better your odds of winning?

The first stage is Emotional Hysteria, which spells the end of the road, rather quickly for most new network marketers. This emotional stage starts when a new IBO or associate has their first assignment, which is to write a list of 100 or more prospects, friends and family that will be your “bread and butter.” You are told that you will never get through the whole list. This implies that you will strike gold before you talk to even half of your list. It is crazy instructions like this that promote the “get rich quick” mentality that plagues the MLM industry.

Since your excitement is red-hot right now, you have no problem barging in on your friends and family and telling them that your new super-duper energy drink not only cures lupus but also grows the hair back in bald men. You are absolutely convinced that what you have is what they should have too, and your ego is bruised when they politely, but firmly say “No.” Undaunted you move on to the next friend, because this is exactly how your upline built her business and it must work.

After 10 or 12 “No thank-you” rejections, your emotional energy is drained and you figure it must be the company or the product that doesn’t work. You never stop to think that the problem might just be between your ears. So you decide to quit and you avoid the calls from your upline. Silently you trudge back to your boring mediocrity.

What can you do in this first emotional stage to have more MLM success? Here’s a BIG one. Ask your sponsor for a true and tried SYSTEM that works for anybody. If they don’t know, ask to talk to their upline. Find someone who can show and teach you a system that works and that can be easily duplicated. If you can’t lock into a system, how can you possibly duplicate yourself into a huge downline?

The second stage happens when you have a few signups but you are spending more money on monthly auto ship than you are making. This is the Boring Logical stage, where you start settling in to the realization that this could really mean your freedom, but you’re not quite sure. You go to every single meeting, you buy all the tapes and books, and you have a group of friends that you hang with that are also struggling to make this work.

In this second stage you are rather boring when it comes to prospecting, because you are playing it safe. On the surface you have your scripts down perfect, you can say all the right words, but you don’t fool your prospect. Why? Because your sub-conscious is screaming to them “I’m a sometime player, and you don’t really want to follow me.” You will remain in this stage for a long time, as long as your monthly MLM expense isn’t a burden. But one day you’ll come to your senses, and you’ll go down one of two very different paths. You will quit and probably never again join another MLM. Or you will decide you are sick & tired of messing around and you graduate to Stage 3, Owning Your Business.

This is the exciting stage, because you finally “get it.” You no longer waffle between part-time, full-time or sometime. Your approach to your business is one that says “You should follow me. I’m the leader that will change your life.”

No longer is the business about your company, your compensation plan, or your product. Your business is about touching people’s lives and inviting them to change. That’s what people desperately want – a way to change from their mediocrity, and a system to show them how. They are also looking for YOU, not a company or a product.

Many times this last stage comes in a moment, in a flash. You all of a sudden “see the bigger picture” and it brings such an extraordinary feeling. But you can’t just jump from Stage 1 to this last “I OWN IT” stage. There is a process to go through, and most of the process takes place in the 90% mental arena. You are learning to believe in YOU.

Once you learn to really believe in yourself, that you are the answer to what your prospects are looking for, there is no stopping you. And the other 10% is having a great system that you can teach to your whole downline.  That’s one thing that will insure your MLM success, an extraordinary MLM system, which works for anybody, in any company.

7 Killer Steps-“How To Video Blog” & Generate Boatloads of MLM Leads

j0438906This article about how to video blog  assumes that you know how to use a Flip video camera or some other brand like JVC or Sony. It would also help if you have a screen capture program, like Camtasia or Jing. We will explore here keys on how to video blog and specifically how to generate leads for your MLM business.

Step 1. Determine a subject, and do some basic keyword analysis. Just for fun lets pick on the mother of all network marketing companies – Amway. Amway is a great company that does billions of dollars in sales every year. You want to go to Google’s External Keyword tool (it’s free) and do a search on Amway. Save all the keywords in a text file. We’ll use this later.

Step 2. Write a real compelling headline. It won’t do you any good to make a nice video that doesn’t get seen. So come up with an interesting, almost shocking headline. “Is Amway a Scam?” is an excellent headline. Even if you are involved in Amway, you can still use this headline. Another headline example is “4 Killer Steps to (what you are teaching.)”

Step 3. Record your video and have 2 or 3 key points that you concentrate on. If you are shooting a live “talking” video, write your bullet points with magic marker on a white paper. Tape this right under the camera and as close to the lens as possible.

Keep your video between 90 seconds long, and a maximum of 2 minutes. If you love to talk, do your best to cut it short. You’ll get the hang of it as you do more and more videos.

Step 4. Have a clear Call To Action. This is usually at the end. If you are wanting to generate some MLM leads, this would be a good place to say something like “OK, now click on the link to the right of this video. Enter your name and email to receive our FREE 7 day video marketing course. You can download the first course instantly.”

If you don’t have a free course to offer them, I can show you how you can have a course like that on your own blog. It is really cool. You’ll make about money each time someone goes through the free course and then buys an “up-sell.” They also end up on your list as another lead.

Step 5. You’ll want to edit your video in Windows Movie Maker. Make sure the beginning and end look good. Think through your beginning. Are you going to have a music background? And this is real important. Add your website URL on the bottom part of the video, across the screen in white. Insert it so it is visible for the whole video.

Step 6. Submit your video to You Tube. This is where you use those Amway keywords that you saved before. Dump all these keyword in the spot for “Tags” on You Tube. This will help get your video ranked a lot quicker. Next, add your video to your blog. This is simple to do by clicking on the little “add video” icon. You then enter the You Tube URL.

You have to be making or editing a post to be able to do this.There are also a number of WordPress video plugins, like FLV Embed or Flash Video Player that may make it easier to load videos to your blog.

Step 7. Rinse and repeat. Do this video blog every day or every other day, and you’ll be amazed at the added traffic to your blog and your money site.

Take Charge Of Your Life – The Wisdom of Brian Tracy

Brian TracyThere have been hundreds of books and papers written on goal setting. I have read my share of them over the years. Even though many of the authors have different views about the mechanics of goal setting, most of them stress the importance of having clearly defined goals.

Setting goals is pointless if you haven’t yet taken charge of your own life. Brian Tracy has a chapter in his 2003 masterpiece book “Goals!” with that title: Take Charge of Your Life.

He talks about a defining moment when he was 21 years old, that changed his life. He realized that everything that would happen to him for the rest of his life was going to be up to him. No one was ever going to help him. No one was coming to the rescue. He learned at that young age what most people in their 40’s and 50’s still haven’t learned. And that is responsibility.

Here are 6 different ways to take charge of your life and start being a success.

1. Figure out what your biggest problem is. Are you in anyway responsible for this problem? This cuts right to where it hurts. Being self responsible and actually saying “I am responsible” will cancel any negative emotions you are experiencing.

2. Picture yourself as the President of your big company. Would you act any differently if you suddenly owned 100% of the shares? This is so important when it comes to building your own network marketing business. Are you just a part-timer or a some-timer? To be successful you need to assume total ownership of your company. And then start acting like it.

3.  Make the choice today to never again blame anyone else for your problems. Instead accept total responsibility for every aspect of your life. What actions should you be taking? So many people go through life being a victim. They live a life of failure and mediocrity because they mistakenly blame someone else for their problems. A great action to take is to ratchet up your level of responsibility. Again say over and over “I am responsible.”

4. Commit to never again making an excuse and instead start moving ahead. Picture in you mind that your favorite excuses are really not even true. How would this change your actions? For many network marketers, they have many excuses why they can’t prospect, or pick up the telephone. This is a fantastic exercise to quit procrastinating and get productive.

5. Picture yourself as the important creative force in your own life. You are where you are and what you are because of your own choices and decisions. What do you think you should change? This is one of those exercises that smacks you right across your head. You are exactly where you are in life because of your thinking. Change your thinking. Refuse to accept mediocrity. Push yourself constantly toward your goal.

6. If anyone has ever hurt you, decide today to forgive them and let it go. Don’t even discuss it again. It is history.

Once you have grappled with the 6 items above, you will be much more ready to embark on your goal setting challenge. There is nothing like a positive “kick in the pants” to foster more responsibility and less blaming of others.

Do you like articles like this one? Are you also looking for a way to perhaps “fire your boss?” Brian Tracy has pioneered and incredible Network Marketing business with ZERO competition and an unheard of 95% retention rate.  Look, click the link right below this and then email me that you want to get started.  I will introduce you to the fastest moving team and a sure fire way to get a ton of leads.


The Most Critical Key To Your Network Marketing Success

j0432982There are many “keys to success” in network marketing, but I want to focus today on what I consider the MOST important key. Get this wrong going out of the starting gate, and you will fight an uphill battle. There have been many “big hitters” who have built a huge downline organization, only to find out their ladder was leaning against the wrong wall.

What is the MOST IMPORTANT KEY? ——- Pick the RIGHT Network Marketing  Company.

Here are 5 critical elements to look for:

1. First, how competitive is the market you’re going to enter? You want a product with an untapped and HUGE Wide-Open Market.

2. Is the network marketing product in high demand and does it have staying power for the next 25 years? Or has the MLM product become just an over-priced commodity that you can  find at Costco?

3. High Retention Rate (people on autoship). The Network Marketing industry rate is 15%. You need a product that everyone needs and wants so your retention rate jumps to the 90% range.

4. Low Start-Up Cost. This is especially critical in a down economy like we are experiencing. Your recruiting and new associate sign-ups will falter and slow way down if you have high sign-up costs. This equates into very slow or even no business opportunity growth.

5. A Great Compensation Plan that rewards everyone. It pays big rewards for those who just want to retail products. It pays big rewards for those who’s passion it is to grow a huge downline with many legs.

One other thing. Most MLM nutritional and juice products are priced too high for our current economy. These Network Marketing companies are already feeling the pinch as their autoship retention rate is taking a nose dive.

The best MLM company to be a part of is one that has a product that helps people ‘make money’ in these difficult times. The company and products should help the new recruits feel better about themselves too and give them hope for a brighter future. If you would like to find out about a company that has ALL these benefits, and even more, click this link:

Running For The Gold

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It’s Insane! 95% MLM Failure Rate. What the Hell is WRONG? No MLM Lead Generation System!

CB048365Network Marketing has a very tarnished reputation, at least in the USA. With 95 out of every 100 people quitting after a month or two, you have to start wondering what is going on? Is it the people that aren’t qualified or is it the industry that needs overhaul?

There are two huge reasons why people quit their network marketing opportunity, and these are:

1) Lack of leads – after they run through their first list of 100 family and friends the have no one else to talk to.

2) Lack of money – they run out of money before they get their business profitable

What can be done to change these statistics so that more and more people can be winners in their MLM home business?

Here are 4 ideas that if implemented can have a huge impact on the industry. But the biggest impact will be on the individuals who have struggled and struggled in MLM and still have a burning desire to win. Let’s go.

Step 1. Develop an MLM lead generation system so you have a steady, never-ending supply of people that are looking for an opportunity. There are many companies that supply “opportunity seeker” telephone leads. These work, but not for very many people. There’s a huge failure rate here too. What I’m talking about is another system that works beautifully, because you attract ONLY the people that are already in MLM or are actually looking for a company to join.

Step 2. Cash Flow. Have a good supply of money coming in from your lead generation efforts of Step 1. How in the world do you do this? You use what’s known as a “Funded Proposal” which is a fancy term for selling your prospects an interesting and valuable marketing e-book. They buy this, because they know it will help them grow their own MLM business. A certain percentage will buy, and will help fund a never ending supply of “free” mlm leads.

Step 3. Personal Branding. This is perhaps the biggest reason why people don’t succeed. Here’s why. People aren’t looking for a company. It doesn’t really matter to them. They aren’t really looking for a product. Again, it really doesn’t matter. So what are they looking for? SOMEONE to show them the way, and lead them out of the job, and the lifestyle that they despise. They are looking for YOU! But what do they see when they find you?

You need to brand yourself as the leader that they want. It’s not that hard to do I have a system that will help you on your journey to being a network marketing leader and coach.

Step 4. Build Your Downline. The MLM lead generation that you did in steps one and two go into a funnel that ends up being your downline. Only a small percentage of those who go through your funnel end up there, but that’s OK. You have a wonderful system that keeps generating more and more leads, and you end up being one of the biggest producers in your company.

Just like starting a brick and mortar business, online MLM lead generation takes time. But I have a super system that can help you generate 50 or more leads per day in about 3 months. Many of my friends are doing this.

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Unfocused and Broke! 4 Critical Steps to Financial Freedom!

Reckless personDo you find yourself unable to stay focused for more than 5 minutes on anything that has to do with websites, chat, email, Facebook, Skype, MySpace,  IM and 1000 other distractions? Join the club. Especially if you are trying to make money online. Being unfocused can lead to your painful downfall.

Chasing after the next Shiny Object will leave you in a black hole. I know. I chased shiny “get rich quick” objects until I was thousands of dollars in credit card debt. So I want to help you climb out of your black hole. It’s an addiction, it really is. Why? You just “know” that this new launch will be your ticket. And they take PayPal so it really is safe.

Step 1. STOP The Spending. Yes, a simple solution, but very critical. Stop right now spending a single dime more on ANY new launch of whatever guru’s new list building, blog riches, or google XXX strategy garbage. It may not be garbage, but it IS GARBAGE if you don’t zero in on it and make it work for you.

Step 2. UNSUBSCRIBE. But you say “I can’t unsubscribe from guru Bog. I really like what he teaches!” So if you really like him, why haven’t you made a bunch of money from Guru Bog’s CD’s, videos and e-books? More than likely, guru Bog’s material is collecting dust on your hard drive. You might not even be able to find it! Look, step 2 is simple: unsubscribe from ALL the constant barrage of Shiny Object invitation emails flooding your inbox.

You will go through withdrawals. I did. It hurts for a little while. You don’t feel loved anymore. But you start getting your life back. Is this worth it?

Step 3. Realize the deception of the next Shiny Object problem. This is short, but powerful, so listen up. We are creatures that keep looking for success. In our crazy world, spending money has somehow been equated with success, at least in our brain. So when I spend $1500 on guru Bog’s List Domination Riches in 30 Days, I feel successful.

Just spending the money makes the connection to “success.” I know this sounds crazy and stupid. But that’s how addictions work. They deceive you into believing that your are on your way to riches, when in fact you are falling deeper into your black hole.

Step 4. Stay laser focused on ONE project until you see it working. Don’t quit after a few weeks.This is so important. Follow one guru. Join only one MLM.

Drop everything else, even if you think the program will “assist” you with your ONE FOCUSED project. Usually it is just a distraction.

You can get focused and rise up out of your black hole. It takes time. But the rewards are SO worth it. I should know. I have done it. You can to.

If you have an MLM business and are struggling and want to learn how to generate your own specific MLM leads and actually have your leads pay you, then just fill in your name and email below.

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A Critical Review of Univera Life Sciences – Are They Just One More “Juice” MLM?

running down beach.Univera Life Sciences is an amazing company. Owned by billionaire Bill Lee, the whole company is focused on Bill’s vision of bringing the best of nature to mankind. Their flagship product is Ageless Xtra, a remarkable blend that give you energy,  more mental clarity, and joint pain relief.

Are you curious what “the best of nature” means? For Univera, that means not just one fully staffed research lab, but two of them. One lab is in Korea, and the other lab is in Washington State, USA. With the time zone difference, Univera has round the clock 24 hour research going on.

One very notable item concerning Univera’s commitment to research, they purchased two of the most expensive DNA labs that one can find today. There are only 34 of them in the whole world, and all the other 32 labs are owned by the big pharmaceutical companies.

What is special about this? Univera has a plant library of thousands of plant fractals. Each one of these fractals is tied in with the DNA research and a database of unique and very relavent findings. This research will shape our natural healing for years to come.

With such great products and incredible research, why isn’t Univera a household name? What’s stopping the associates from making a lot of money??

For one, Univera  uses a “gifting” business model that costs the associates a lot of money and it has its own problems. Think about calling up your friend, and saying “I have a gift for you!” Doesn’t this sound a little suspect?. Your friend will say something like “A gift? What kind gift?”  And you answer, “You’ll find out real soon. I’ll be over in 5 minutes.”

This model can set up hurt feelings between friends and family. Because it is a “gift” the associate has expectations that sometimes cause friction too. Of course, Univera feels differently about their gifting model: “Univera’s gifting model is the most simple and easy to duplicate program in the industry—everyone can succeed.”

One other thing I think could be changed for the better is the monthly autoship to qualify for all bonuses will cost you $100 to $130 per month. You also will have some upfront money to join Univera. You oviously need a good supply of the “gifts” and at $10 each this adds up.

The biggest thing I see that could really help a Univera associate make a lot of money is if Univera taught the simple and easy method of attraction marketing. What this means in a nutshell is you have a system that “attracts” already interested people who are then placed into your “funnel.”

Once in your funnel, you keep “dripping” information to them, about how they can be successful in their MLM. You also start learning how to be the leader that your prospects are looking for.

If you are just looking at the Univera business or if you have been in Univera for some time, you have a great company with awesome products. You just need one big missing element, and that is the ability to use attraction marketing to generate 50 new prospects each day. And we can show you how you can become, in a short time, one of the top producers (and money earners) in Univera.

I invite you to discover how you can have 30 to 50 new prospects for your own MLM – every day.  Red Hot Sponsoring

From Stephen Bolin – The MLM Prospecting Guy –  Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Dream

MLM Prospecting – Your First 30 Seconds is Critical. Don’t Screw it Up!


The first words that come out of your mouth when you contact a brand new MLM prospect will determine to a vast degree whether that person will even respond to you in a civil manner. To emphasize the severity of the problem, I will give you a few examples of how a lot of enthusiastic newbies “assail” their MLM prospects.

A standard prospecting “cold market” approach usually startles the prospect with an awkward pitch about their product. “Do you know anyone with an aching back or joint pain? I’ve got an incredible doctor approved all-natural juice that will take all the pain away in just a few hours.” Then comes silence and the prospect says, “Pardonme, but I have to get going.”

Another thing that newbies do is they “vomit” all over their prospect. Without even knowing if the prospect is paying attention, they sit down and “show them the plan” or go through their company’s business presentation. Even if the prospect WAS interested, they would most likelysay “no thanks” because they can’t see themselves doing the same thing.

Here’s the first rule that will make a giant difference in your MLM prospecting:

1) You have only one duty and one duty only when it comes to MLM prospecting. Your approaching people is only to create curiosity. Doesn’t that really simplify everything? Think about it. All you are doing is “permission marketing” – you are finding out if the prospect is open to new ideas or closed to new ideas. And what do you do if they are closed to new ideas? That’s right! You let them go. Don’t make the mistake of trying to coerce them into being “open.”

2)How do you create curiosity? There are a few methods, but the thing to drum into your head is this prospecting stuff is not about you, your product, your company, or your compensation plan. It is about your prospect. What is she looking for? Is she even looking?

To approach people, this is how you do it:
1)You can compliment the person
2)You can ask a question  and
3)You can have opening phrases – these are my favorite! They are a great way to transition into more relationship building with the person.

Here’s a few opening phrases that arouse their curiousity:
1)”Maybe you can help me”
2)”I need your help”
3)”You know Sally, I’ve run across something I want to share with you.”
4) Here’s one more – “Do you know anyone who wants to generate 2 or 3 Thousand dollars extra each month – without altering anything that they’re doing?”

When you change your whole prospecting method, and generate curiosity, people will respond to you. You are in the relationship building business. People want someone to follow. Why can’t that someone be you? When you focus on finding out what a person really wants, you can be that leader who has the answer they are looking for.

Your first 30 seconds in MLM prospecting doesn’t have to be a scary ordeal. With the ideas presented here, you have a brand new way to approach your prospects. Remember to just be yourself, relax and have fun. Your prospect will appreciate you not being uptight. And your MLM success and freedom is now one step closer to reality. All because of a simple change in strategy with the way you do MLM prospecting.

I invite you to discover how you can have 30 to 50 new prospects for your own MLM – every day? Red Hot Sponsoring.com

From Stephen Bolin – The MLM Sponsoring Guy –  Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Dream