Your Approach to Your Business – Are you a Part-Timer or a Some-Timer?

StephenBolinNetwork marketing is an interesting business to keep an eye on. You see different trends, and different “approaches ” in prospecting. But after a while there is not much new stuff being introduced. It is still a people business, and it will always be a people business.

One of the first things a new recruit starts asking questions about is “how do I approach my family? How do I approach my friends? How do I approach my neighbors? They want to know exactly what to say, and if you have some good scripts that they can learn, they get really excited.

This is all dandy and good, except the rejection keeps coming, and the new recruit starts wondering if he is cut out for this. He also thinks it may be just the company or the product that people don’t like. She almost never stops and thinks the problem might be between her own two ears.

So instead of concentrating on your approach to your neighbors, family and friends, what about your approach to your business? Say what? Yes, what is your approach to your own business? I’ll tell you how most network marketers approach their business – as a “some-timer” or a “part-timer” or a “just checking it out-timer” or an “if I make $1000 in the first week – timer -I’ll stick around.” Your approach to your business means everything. It means whether or not you will succeed in network marketing.

Here’s what’s happening. As you go out to prospect, and you open your mouth and stutter and tell them you’re new and just got in, they smile and are thinking – “I sure as heck don’t want to do that myself!”. Even if your “approach” is professional and smooth, your prospect can read between the lines – “he’s nothing but a “some-timer” – why should I bother following him?” You may be fooling yourself, but if you aren’t totally committed to your business, your prospects will pick up on this every single time.

I wrote another blog post about this – the 3 Stages of Belief.  You will be as successful in network marketing as you are passionate about your business, and work at it full-time – at least in your thinking. For many people, this realization happens all at once, and suddenly you no longer have any fear of picking up that 30 lb phone. I don’t know what will trigger this for you. But it can happen in an instance. I believe it happens because you are preparing yourself for your future, and you finally see yourself exactly like you are, and you say – “I am better than that! I’m not going to allow my limiting beliefs to hold me back anymore! Get out of my way! Here I come!”


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Free Bonuses

Amercian self-help writer Napoleon Hill (1883-...
Napoleon Hill With His Own Book

This is a collection of a few of the greatest prosperity minds of the last century. As A Man Thinketh, by James Allen is a real classic. So is Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.

These books can all be downloaded to your own computer. They are my gift to you. My desire it that you benefit and prosper immensely from these books, like I have. Please tell others about this resource and what you are learning. I want as many people as possible to make a lot of money this year.

If you want to absolutely change your life, you MUST work on yourself MORE than you work on your business. A very simple strategy is to read 10 pages / day, every day. Is this EASY to do? Yes it is. Is this EASY NOT to do? You bet. But if you make the choice to read these books, 10 pages every day, you will get through all of them easily in less than a year. The education you get by doing this small “easy” exercise – will be priceless!

Here is a classic video of Napoleon Hill as he explains how he was commissioned to write his best selling book ‘Think & Grow Rich.


An Iron Will As A Man Thinketh Think & Grow Rich Acres of Diamonds
Compensation Emerson The Game of Life The Science of Getting Rich The Richest Man In Babylon
Your Invisible Power The Master Key System The Creative Process in the Individual Self Help – Samuel Smiles
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Does Your Headline Suck? or Does it Grab Your Attention?

When writing articles, blog posts and “commercial” email messages, your headline will determine whether or not your message even gets opened. If you have a dead, boring headline, your message will be ignored.

One way to start getting a feeling for good headlines is to pay attention to the emails you get, the blog posts that grab your attention and newspaper articles that attract you. With email, I encourage you to start a “swipe file” on your computer, where you copy and paste the email into a special folder. After a few months you will have a nice and growing source of great headlines.

Another way to learn about headlines – what works and what doesn’t –  is to join Viral Url or Viral Hosts. You will be getting a LOT of emails from people wanting to sell you something, just like you can send emails to them. (Make sure and sign up with a “junk” email account.) Don’t just delete all these emails. Scan them and see what “jumps out” at you. Again, save these to your swipe file. Viral Hosts and Viral URL is a gold mine of headlines -including the body of the message.

You will start getting a better feel about what “grabs” you as far as headlines for your articles. It becomes fun to learn about this and even more fun when you see your articles getting more and more exposure.

In the video, I show you an awesome book I use to help me with headlines and also it helps me with domain names.


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PixelPipe – Free Video Uploader to 15+ Video Sites

Image representing Pixelpipe as depicted in Cr...
Image via CrunchBase

I discovered a real nifty free video uploader about 2 months ago. I belong to Social Media Science’s Synnd membership, and they are coming out with a super video uploader with commenting and voting, but until that happens, I am real happy with PixelPipe.

For those of you spending $97 or more per month on Traffic Geyser, Pixelpipe doesn’t do what TG does, but at least it does a very nice job for no cash outlay. One of the most important things for video marketing is getting your videos up on the web as quickly as possible. When I had a Traffic Geyser membership, it was nice, but it took me a lot longer to configure a video than it does in Pixelpipe.

One of the neatest provisions of Pixelpipe is an awesome Firefox plugin that lets you easily drag and drop a video into the plugin and within 3 minutes you are hitting the upload button.

I am really into video right now being on my 7th video of the 90 day video challenge. I need all the speed I can get with uploading videos, so PixelPipe is coming in real handy. Check out my video below. I am using Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 – and my effects are a little rough, but they will start looking better and better.


Here’s a few interesting articles about Video Uploads:

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How to Make More Money In Your Network Marketing Business

Web 2.0 Camera Phone shot
Image by Aristocrat via Flickr

People are always interested in how to make more money. There are a number of ways to do this. Work harder. Work longer. Work smarter. Or maybe figure out ways to work less while being more productive.

I was on a webinar a month ago with Jack Humphrey and he showed me this really cool time saving tool. I was “blown away” that a simple tool like this existed. And I was irritated that I didn’t know about this months or years sooner.

So you’re now thinking – well, what is this tool?

It’s a simple web application to help you keep all the websites that you frequently visit – all together in one place. But this isn’t all of it. You can organize them in any way you please. Here is how you get there:


Here is a video I made about how to use Only 2 Clicks. It is saving me a lot of time. And at least for now, time is $. I am looking forward to the day where time and money are not necessarily related!


What do you do now?

Sign up with Only 2 Clicks (it’s free) and start using it – and get involved with the different Tribes that I pointed out. If you are wanting to get a lot better at blogging and ultimately making a lot more money, start saving a collection of the best MLM blogs – in Only 2 Clicks  – of course. This way you can visit them easily again.

This is my day 6 of the 90 day video challenge. It is getting more fun every day. Please consider what it could do to your blog and your business to start and complete 90 different videos. (unreal!)

And to start generating 0ver 50 leads a day, make sure and take a good look at what is helping me so much: Red Hot Sponsoring

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Building Steady Traffic to Your MLM Blog

Blogs and more blogs!
Image by robinhamman via Flickr

Many network marketers are utilizing blogs to attract prospects to them. This is a fantastic idea and it takes a lot of time to do it right. So every little way to attract more attention or backlinks to your blog is something I look into.

A while back I learned about a few things that are really simple to do, on a regular basis. These things are also real simple NOT to do. Again it is a choice, day by day whether or not we will do what we know we should do.

This tip is best viewed on my video. But here it is in a nutshell: have a Tribe of blogs that you are committed to helping by commenting on the new posts on a regular basis. As soon as you make a new comment, and hit “enter” – go up to your SharAHolic green button and immediately bookmark this page to your favorite bookmark site.

What this does is it helps you AND the person you are helping by making a new comment. It helps YOU because the URL link is the one with your comment in it. Pretty neat huh? A “twofer” or “two for one”.  If you remember to do this each time you make a new comment, we all will see an upsurge in the traffic to our blogs. Try it out, you’ll like it!


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Cultivating a Millionaire Mindset

Money is a very “touchy” subject with most people. They are very “hush-hush” about the money they earn or their mortgage payment. And it is considered in very poor taste to actually ask someone how much money they make. It is almost as if people are trying to look good, usually a lot better than they actually are doing.

Wealthy people, including millionaires (this isn’t “that” much money anymore!) have a very different way of looking at most things – and especially money. Wealthy people aren’t constantly thinking about money like people do that are struggling financially. Rich people also don’t worry about losing all their money, not because they can’t, but because they know they could earn it back in a hurry.

One thing I like to do is tell people I’m taking a survey. Then I say, “fill in the blank”. Rich people are__________. Wealthy people____________.  The answers I get are 95% negative. Rich people “suck” – they are “rude”, “uncaring” “steal from the poor” “don’t pay any taxes”, “they cheat – how do you think they got their money?”

Let me ask you a personal question. If you really feel like this, how can you possibly want to be wealthy or rich? You would turn into something that you despise. But most people really want to be wealthy, and they have never stopped to realize that their “wanting” to be wealthy sits in direct conflict with their sub conscious that is always telling them “rich people are crooks.”  Guess who wins? Yep – and the people stay poor and in their mediocrity all their life.


I have a number of great books that help me get my thinking straight. It doesn’t happen overnight, either. But when you start changing, you start noticing all around you, almost every where you go the hatred towards rich people.  One of these books is by T. Harv Eker “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” – Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth. It is a wonderful “how-to” book that is not just theory, but exercises to help you think different. Here’s a few quotes from this book.

“Rich people focus on opportunities. Poor people focus on obstacles.”

“Rich people choose to get paid on results. Poor people choose to get paid on time.”

“Rich people think “both.” Poor people think “either-or”. (Poor people are so concerned about the “competition” – there’s only so much to go around).

And here’s one of my favorite quotes from James Allen (As a Man Thinketh) – “They nourish the cause, while they curse the effect.”  It shows the folly of mankind in so many things they do.

So what do you do? Get T. Harv Eker’s book. It comes with a free ticket to his next seminar. Start being aware of what is coming out of your mouth. Especially with the economy the way it is,  be aware of people bragging about how little they paid for a box of corn flakes.  Would rich people do this? Keep your ears and your eyes open and you will not believe the huge difference in the way wealthy people think.

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Are You Exercising Your Personal Choice for Freedom?

I love Og Mandino. Every one of his books is a big winner, in my opinion. He has a way of grabbing my heart in the first few pages and I don’t want the book to finish.

The latest Og Mandino book I’m reading is “The Choice” and is the story of Og Mandino’s own life. Each of us is confronted every single day with many choices that will either help us in our life or send us on a slow downward spiral. The purpose of this article is to get you to focus on what you are doing each and every day, and make the right choices that will move your business forward, and at the same time enrich the lives of you and the people you love.

With an online business we obviously spend a lot of time online. The big problem with this is all the distractions that pull us in every direction – if we let them. Just because you are “busy” doesn’t mean at all that you are doing anything to move your business forward. I know this personally to be true.

Why? You can easily spend an hour or two thinking that you are doing important stuff, but in reality you’re just checking email over and over again, checking out a forum or two, checking your Skype messages and responding to email and Skype again …… and two hours pass and you think you got a lot of work done.

Personally, I think Skype is a huge time waster. It is a lot worse than email. With Skype your sitting there waiting for the other person(s) to type their return message. I encourage you to limit Skype and email to just “checking in” every 2 hours or so.  I think every 4 hours would help make you even more productive.


So when I am at my computer to “work” here’s what “works” for me.

First of all I have a definite LIST of what I need to get done. This includes things like

“do a Camtasia video about prospecting”,

“do keyword research on list building”,

“write an article about Facebook” or

“go to my Tribe websites and comment on the new posts they have on their blogs”.

Second, I am very focused on what I am doing. I set a time frame for me getting the Camatasia video done – 30 minutes, including editing it and putting it up on You Tube. But while on You Tube, I can’t go looking around and checking my messages, because then I lose another 30 minutes. When I am done with the video, I take a short 5 minute break and then start on the next item on my list.

What is interesting for me, though, is I need to tie this whole thing DAILY into the bigger vision of what I am shooting for. In other words, when I read out loud my Napoleon Hill method of 6 steps for reaching my goal I think about what I need to accomplish that day. It may be small, but I know it is helping me reach the desired end.

Choice. It boils down to our daily choices. What will be your choice today about moving your business forward?

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Boost Your Traffic with a 90-Day Video Challenge

I caught wind of this today – a 90 day video challenge.  And the more I thought about it the more excited I became. Is is this easy to do, a video every day? Absolutely not. But is this also easy NOT to do, too? Yep! So I have a choice to make. Don’t do the challenge – or embrace the idea and “go for it!”

I decided to “go for it!” Here’s a video of me on my FIRST DAY!

[youtube width=”494″ height=”400″][/youtube]

As far as I know it is Mia Davies who started this challenge. She also has a Facebook group that is all about the 90 day video challenge. I encourage you to visit her blog and find out what other people are doing.

Here are the basic guidelines and some benefits from embarking on a 3 month challenge like this. The experience you gain from doing this and completing the 90 days is going to be life-changing. I thank Mia for the following:

  • You improve your ability to connect
  • You improve your ability to communicate a message powerfully
  • You improve your ability to express yourself and your ideas
  • You get your message to many people at one time
  • You start to accept and maybe even “like” yourself :)
  • You become more comfortable in your day to day interaction
  • You become more comfortable and confident in public speaking
  • You become more efficient in your speaking and communicating
  • And you will become much more proficient at quickly making videos.

Here Are the Simple Rules of the Challenge

  • Make a video every single day and post it to your YouTube channel, FB or any other location you like.
  • Keep your videos under 2 minutes
  • Share something that helps people or makes a difference for them. Either something you learned or experience or a challenge you overcame.
  • Have a call to action at the end of your videos to click a link to rate, comment or subscribe!
  • If you take this challenge on I promise you will see miracles in your life and your business in the next 30 days!!

Are you up for this? I hope you give it some thought. It could be a big boost to your online business. Let me know what you decide to do. Comment below and let me know how excited you are to give this a shot! It will be a lot of fun, too!

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Synnd- How to Put Your Social Media Marketing on Steroids

j0443257I have known one of the owners of Synnd and Social Media Science, Tom Rozof, when Synnd was just a part of his vision. Then one day he announced that he had some new software that he wanted a group of us to beta test. His software designer, a brilliant guy from Germany, made eight 5 minute Jing videos for us. Well the software was rough, didn’t work half the time, but still put a fantastic “what if” vision in my mind. I knew that if this ever took off, it would be remarkable.

Well this is about 2 years later. I am still following Tom and now Charles Heflin. They joined forces when they discovered that they were heading in the same direction with similar goals. Synnd now has over 800 members around the world. If you ever really understand what the power of Synnd can do, you will quickly become a member – for life.

First of all, there is nothing like this anywhere. Synnd is a way to syndicate your blog posts, or other important URL’s far and wide on the social landscape. It is done by 800+ separate computers all over the globe.  I have a campaign that is now running on Digg, and I set it up for 60 “votes” over 3 days. So 60 separate computers somewhere in the world are “voting” on my Digg URL – piece of content. Next I will take this same content and send it on a Bookmarking campaign to 8 different bookmarking sites. This time I will specify in the campaign that I want 80 “hits” over 8 days. Again 80 computers will each bookmark my content to one of the 8 bookmarking sights.

Here is a video that will give you a lot more information


I am so thankful that I got to know Tom Rozof 3 years ago and now Charles Heflin. They are incredible thinkers and I know following them will be in my best interests. They are totally “white hat” in their SEO and social media philosophy.

One other super benefit from becoming a synnd member is you also then have a membership in the social media step-by-step module teachings on how to research, build and monetize an authority site. This is no little dinky teaching. It is a full-blown strategy based on Charles and Tom’s extensive experience in building blogs and websites that make money. If you were to quit all else and follow their authority site teaching AND use Synnd, you would do very well financially.

Synnd membership costs $67 per month, and this includes 500 “synnd” points each month. You can easily “earn” another 50 points per day, giving you about 2000 points per month. One point = one vote or “hit” on a bookmarking or news site. You can sign up right here:  Social Media Science

I am also part of an elite Social Media Science Agent team who are being trained to help small to large businesses kick ass on their competition. We have a unique system to help them online with every conceivable marketing strategy there is.

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