Why Did You Join Your MLM Business? So You Could Fail?

I was thinking today about all the people who are so anti-network marketing. They have an attitude against the whole industry. But I doubt seriously if they even know one small clue about what the MLM industry is all about.

Network marketing offers anybody a chance. It doesn’t matter what your background was like – whether you were born on the “other side” of the tracks, or were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Everybody has the same opportunity – the same chance to succeed or fail.

One of the big reasons that people quit or fail, is they don’t remember or keep in focus WHY they joined their Network Marketing business in the first place. Usually they have reasons like these:

  • Freedom from a job they hate
  • Wanting financial security, because their job isn’t providing this
  • Desiring to live life to the fullest – and have the funds to do so
  • Spend more time with my kids, spouse, parents, etc.
  • Get me out of the financial straights and debt that is drowning me
  • Satisfaction of calling my own shots, and being a winner
  • I want to be a millionaire by the time I’m 30./
  • I want to look myself in the mirror and smile, knowing I proved them all wrong.

Why did you join the ranks of the wanna-be-wealthy people – using MLM as your ticket? What was going through your brain and emotions when you realized you didn’t have to follow the loser path of all your loser friends and negative family?

One of the reasons people quit their MLM business is because there is a disconnect between what they really want from the business (why they joined in the first place) and the daily work involved that is required to build a successful business. You will be very inspired and be more motivated to excel in your business if you remind yourself every day why you initially made the decision to become involved.

What is your motivation? What kind of dreams will your business make possible? Whose lives will you be impacting and contributing to with your success? What is the vision you carry with you? How will your network marketing business impact your very life? What big plans are you seeking to accomplish?

To keep reminding yourself of these dreams, and staying connected with them takes commitment. Doing the daily activities to see your dreams become a reality takes commitment also. You will build habits that will make the difference between being just a dreamer or wishful thinker – and someone whose dreams come true because you take consistent and deliberate action.

How long do you keep on “keeping on”?  There is a sad truth that has shown consistently how many people quit right before they would have won. In other words, they do all this work, and success is right around the corner. But discouragement steps in and they quit. I suggest that you give your network marketing business at least a year. And make sure you have a good system you are tapped into, like My Lead System Pro.  Without a good system to show you how you can generate leads every day that WANT your kind of business – you probably won’t last more than 2 months in network marketing.

You can be a winner. It is no accident that you are reading this blog post. Get connected with my Tribe – on the right of this page. Get going with My Lead System Pro. Get connected with all the training inside My Lead System Pro, and you won’t know yourself in 3 months.  And don’t forget to remind yourself daily of your big WHY.

7 thoughts on “Why Did You Join Your MLM Business? So You Could Fail?

  1. Hi Stephen,
    the most of people, who quit their mlm business, will never started.
    They see oportunity, go into but they will never take action with their business so they will never succed with any business! Great post Stephen, you ROCK!

    Martin Micka
    .-= Martin Micka´s last blog ..Don’t rival, create! =-.

  2. Yet again another great post Stephen. Could agree with you more, people must work on their business for a minimum of a year.

    I always look at it like this, if you wanted to be a doctor you wouldn’t show up at the hospital without any years of training and say your here to start practicing!

    Network marketing is no different, it takes years of training, research and practice. You will only ever fail in this industry when you quit.

    Looking forward to your next post.

    Tristram Lodge

  3. Tristam, great points you make.
    It is so ironic that people expect almost instant results with network marketing. Could it be that the many circles drawn on a white board or a white piece of paper have given people a false hope – because of the inherent leverage that gives network marketing its power?

    I wonder if we really told it like it is – long hard hours, tons of rejection, a steep learning curve, friends and family that think your nuts — if people would still want to join. Have we created our own monster?

    What do you think?

    Stephen Bolin
    Online Marketing Coach

  4. Stephen, great post my friend. It gets tough and I don’t think that most people understand the commitment vs the initial excitement of starting in a mlm company. Great reminder to keep the why in the forefront.

    Roger Holmes
    Marketing Coach/Social Media Resource

  5. Stephen,

    Hit the nail on the head again my friend. People join for all these GREAT GREAT Reasons… they have big dreams… somehow their dreams turn to hopes, and then they Give up. Staying the course for a minimum of a year is absolutely necessary. A lot of the big earners were in for more than 3-5 years before they hit it big.

    Jordan Schultz
    ~Social-Media Specialist~
    .-= Jordan Schultz´s last blog ..Why I Chose MLM Online Marketing Over A Brick And Mortar Business Model =-.

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