Scorching Copywriting Secrets of Gary Halbert

Copywriting is an art, and not so much a science. Yes there are people, mostly psychologists, who have taken copywriting to a different level that is more scientific. This, in itself is fascinating. If you want to learn from one of the all time experts in this area, Glenn Livingston is a master at pyschological selling and copywriting techniques. I spent 6 months learning his methods and coming from a true pyschologist, it was hot!

If you heard Mike Dillard’s webinar a few nights ago, he stated a few times about the importance of becoming a good copywriter. Many people don’t know where to start, or even what copywriting means. So I decided to do a few teachings on some of the most important points, and point you in the direction of how to learn a lot more.

Copywriting is the art of grabbing someone’s attention, and then holding their attention long enough to cause an emotional shift towards your product or service, and then making them an offer that they cannot refuse. If you have been into internet marketing for even a month or two, you have seen a number of these “sales letters” – some of them being 25 pages long. I have a collection of sales letters, and it is very interesting to spend time analyzing them – especially if you got “sucked in” and you pulled out your credit card and you bought!

In the video, I show you a simple exercise you can do to quickly increase your copywriting skills. Will you do the exercise? Probably not. Why? Only about 3 to 5% of people ever get focused enough to follow through on one thing long enough to make them a profit. I love the book, The Slight Edge. Is doing this exercise easy to do? Yes it is. Is it easy not to do it? Yes it is.

This exercise is swiping a Gary Halbert Letter, and printing it out, and then HAND WRITING a copy of the letter on lined paper. It takes a while, and if you haven’t written long hand in a while, it hurts. But you’ll quickly build up your hand muscles. And your copywriting skills will start increasing. Sounds crazy? Well a great copywriter told me about this a few years ago. It gets your mind and eyes and hand all in action. Just the process of handwriting will drill those Gary Halbert lines into your brain. You will start to pick up on little things that make a big difference.

The next tip is to just start writing – a lot. Your blog is a great place to start. Try to do one post each day. I know this is a lot of work. Commit to at least 4 posts per week. You will start becoming a better copywriter in no time.

Stay tuned. I will do at least 2 more blog posts about copywriting.


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9 thoughts on “Scorching Copywriting Secrets of Gary Halbert

  1. Great exercise Stephen. I love Gary Halbert's work. One thing is for sure, copywriting is not for everybody as it's a very exacting art. I was a copywriter for two years and I don't think I came even close to being good at it. As with most things one has to work at the skill but knowing just a few principles can definitely help one to improve one's communication. Funny I was also thinking of doing a few posts about this after hearing Mike Dillard. Great minds?

    ~Marcus Baker~
    Attraction Marketing Teacher

  2. Great Idea Stephen,

    Copywriting must be mastered, as we spend more time interacting with people via written word than anything else. e-mails, blog posts, sales letters, etc…

    Looking forward to learning more man.

    Love the idea for writing out the sales letter.. Will I be a 3%er??

    Jordan Schultz
    ~social-media specialist~

  3. Copywriting is the million dollar skill indeed. I had no idea Stephen that in order to become a good copywriter I need to handwrite hours upon hours some other people's writing…WOW. I'll definitely check out Gary Halbert Letter.. Writing the letter again?? I don't know if I'll do it 🙂

    Vitaliy Dubinin
    Online Marketing Specialist

  4. Mike Dillard said it all in this weeks webinar. Copywriting is a must to learn
    in this industry. You hit it on the nose!

    Thanks for shareing Stephen

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