Discover Ways to Increase Revenue With Text Marketing and Social Media

Helping Local Businesses With What You Already KnowFor the last 4 years I have been with a company called Social Media Science who is at the forefront of SEO (search engine optimization) and social media marketing. I don’t like using the word “marketing” along with “social media” because you don’t really “market” the same way with social media as you do with regular marketing.

8 months ago, Social Media Science realized that they could really help local businesses get an online presence that would incredibly increase their traffic and customers. Local Web Science was born. In 8 months so much has changed, even in Google’s Local Search. Local search is becoming huge. The experts are saying that in the next few years it is going to be the BIG YEAR for local search.

What does this have to do with you? I wanted to alert you to a program that could help you tap into this huge market and end up making a good deal of money. There are 26 million businesses just in the USA who don’t even have a website. And those that have one are frustrated, because they paid good money for a pretty site that basically sits there and does nothing to help their business.

Mike Koenigs, the founder of Traffic Geyser, is coming out with a new program to help local businesses get online and kick butt on their competition. The Main Street Marketing Machine coaching program has hit the streets. It is a complete “turn-key” system with automatic blog building software, video templates, pre-made landing pages for each of about 40 niches. There is even a cell phone texting program that will allow a hair dresser, for example, send text messages automatically to her customers alerting them of their next hair appointment.

Or a restaurant owner can automatically send out a “Thursday lunch special” via text message to all her customers. They will love her for thinking about them and giving ways to save money. There is SO MUCH in this program to help you be a success. And the businesses out there really need you.And guess what? Most of you reading this are already pretty ‘savvy’ when it comes to internet and blogs, video, articles and marketing online. If you have a working knowledge of these things, you will have no problems with this program.

This also will work anywhere in the world. In fact, it will probably work even better outside the USA because of less competition.

There are 5 videos for you to watch. But time is of the essence, because the launch for this product is April 26, Monday, at 12 Noon Pacific. Here is a link to the last video that shows you everything you get in this course. Main Street If you get a chance to watch the video of Mike the Fireman from Albuquerque NM – He made $5000 in his first job helping a painting company – It will blow your mind.

Check it out here:  Main Street Marketing Machine

What does this have to do with Local Web Science? We are thrilled that a course like this is coming out. Any way to help local struggling businesses is a big plus.

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