Dr Wentz – The Tireless Champion of USANA

Dr WentzDr. Wentz is a remarkable man. He received his Ph.D. in microbiology and immunology from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. In 1974 he started Gull Laboratories as a one-man operation. He was successful inmarketing several of his own products to hospitals and clinical laboratories after gaining FDA approval for them.

In 1992 Dr. Wentz founded USANA Health Sciences, a high-tech manufacturer of nutritional foods, supplements and a personal-care product line. USANA has grown into a huge Network Marketing company with thousands of distributors in a bunch of different countries.

One thing Dr. Wentz is very passionate about is helping children in Cambodia
and Uganda who have been orphaned by diseases like HIV and malaria.
He has received numerous awards and recognition for his tireless
achievement and contribution to better health for everyone.

His father died when he was 17 and still in high school. This was
one of the most traumatic events in his life. His father died at the
“young” age of 57.  This one event became the catalyst for his
incredible drive to make a difference in the fight against the “new”
degenerative diseases.  Because of our fast-food lifestyle we have
replaced the “infectious” diseases that our grandparents suffered

Even though his various businesses have been very successful, Dr.
Wentz first of all considers himself to be a scientist, and not a
businessman. In spite of this, Dr. Wentz’ has won numerous awards and
presidential appointments because of his business knowledge and
business success.

What I think is remarkable is that Dr. Wentz chose network marketing
as the vehicle for taking his company and products mainstream. Most
people don’t realize this, but the network marketing industry has
produced more 6 and 7 figure annual earners than any other industry,
including franchises.

With the economic crisis in the US and world today, network
marketing is almost the last vehicle for developing wealth for the
average person. Many of the traditional ways of building a separate
wealth stream, like real estate and starting a small business, are harder
to do with banks not lending money and the market being so soft.

So I applaud Dr. Wentz for the fabulous job he has done. His vision
was instrumental in building a strong network marketing business that
not only has helped millions of people achieve better health, but has also
provided a great income to those who work hard and have a lead-generating
system to follow.

If you are a USANA distributor or are thinking about joining USANA, having a good lead-generating system can mean the difference between success and failure.  For step-by-step training on “how-to” generate 30 – 50 leads per day for your USANA business, click here:  MLM Lead Generation

Thank you, Dr. Wentz for bringing health and freedom to so many people.

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How to Take In a Lot of Money With Your Agel Business

Agel ProAnother great network marketing company, the Agel business, opened their doors in March of 2005. It is interesting how Agel got their name. Their whole product line is centered around a “gel” that helps out with keeping nutrients from being absorbed too quickly.

The purpose for using a gel is to time the ingestion of the nutrients and to optimize their bio-availability. Among their most popular products are Agel Thrive, Agel Body, Agel Active and Agel Core.

Agel has a compensation plan that is a combination of a number of different ones. They call it Quadra-Plan.

Agel has a great 10-Step Success Plan. It recommends a number of important steps, like setting a wellness goal, and figuring out your “why”. This one thing, figuring out what is most important to you and WHY you want see your Agel business succeed, is critical to your success.

The purpose of this article is to show you how you can be successful in your Agel business. Now one thing that is critical to understand is your chance of success is very slim if you build your business the way that 97% of people in network marketing try to build their business. They have a big problem that almost no one recognizes.

What is the problem? It is listening to your upline and the company when they tell you to do all the “usual” marketing things that simply don’t work anymore. These “old-school” techniques work for a few people, but not for most people.

Here is what I’m talking about. They will tell you to assemble an initial list of at least 100 names. Pick up the phone and start calling. Pass out business cards to everyone that is warm and has a pulse. Start implementing the 3-foot rule.

After that, we are going to put flyers on 200 windshields this Saturday morning. Don’t forget we have meetings 3 nights this week where we draw circles on white boards. Invite at least 4 people to each of these meetings.

There is one more problem that the whole industry hasn’t addressed. And that is people just don’t care about your company. They don’t really give a hoot about your compensation plan. And I know this is a hard one to swallow, but most people don’t care about your super-duper world-class product either.

Well, what is an Agel entrepreneur supposed to do? I’m glad you asked! First of all, the methods outlined above with your warm market do work to a certain degree. But you soon run out of people to talk to. And since 85% of people out there are simply not interested in your business opportunity, it may be real smart to concentrate only on the other 15% who are open to looking at an opportunity. How do you do this?

The internet has totally changed how long-established network marketing is  done. There are lead generating systems that focus on finding ONLY those people who are actually looking for a business. Just think of how this could save you time. You no longer need to inconvenience your family and alienate your friends. You also no longer need to allow the tire kickers to waste your time.

One extra thing I highly support you to start doing – start “branding” yourself as the leader that all of your prospects are looking for. They want to pursue a person, not a company. And when they are following you, and not just a company, you will have a good deal fewer people quitting your company.

Just think of how generating 50 to 100 new leads every day will electrify your Agel business. This is not just “pie-in-the-sky” dreaming. People are doing this each day. To find out how you can be generating 100 leads / day and be one of the top earners in Agel, put your name, email and phone number in the form below. And please ad a comment too.

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Is VMdirect a Scam? Or is it a Network Marketer’s Dream?

VMdirectVMDirect is a company that specializes in helping you use audio and streaming video in all of your marketing avenues. These avenues include email, mobile phones, video instant messaging and live interactive broadcasts.

Their main outlet is another site called helloWorld, where VMDirect showcases and sells their products and services. VMdirect was born out of a growing need for video combined with the explosion of online video sharing, as indicated by YouTube’s phenomenal growth..

What does VMdirect actually do for you? Let’s say you know almost nothing about video sharing. You couldn’t go wrong signing up for helloWorld. If your goal is to be up and running right away, just pick one of the 5 plans that will fit your needs.

These plans range in price from $9.95 per month all the way up to $189 per month. If you are at all “challenged” by online video, these plans will help you get organized and show you how to easily share your videos online.

The VMdirect website is more for the MLM side of the business. This is where you learn all about marketing the different packages. The VMdirect network marketing side of the business looks like you are a helloWorld member on steroids. You pay more each month for your MLM side of the helloWorld product packages. But you are able to make a lot more money too.

I can see how helloWorld can be a real big help to someone who is not very tech savvy, especially when it comes to video. And the email video and video instant messaging is something that is not real easy to do.

One of the real values I see in VMdirect is helping someone market their MLM business or even an affilite or offline business. Video is becoming a key component in just about any marketing strategy these days.

A reservation for joining VMdirect is what you pay monthly. The fees they charge are totally in line with the norm of the MLM industry. But if you know a little about different ways to store videos online and then stream them onto your blog or website, you can do it a lot cheaper. Other email video services have sprung up in the past year too.

One of the big selling points on VMdirect’s affiliate site is attraction marketing. They claim that their video marketing system is a great attraction marketing strategy. Possibly it is. But for your hard earned money, why not put it in a system that you KNOW will attract the kind of leads you are looking for?

Who has that kind of attraction marketing system? I’m glad you asked. Check out the resource box for some free lead generation training. You can learn to generate 75 to 100 leads per day. Video is great to use with attraction marketing and lead generation, and you can use VMdirect if you want to. Just remember that it is your “PULL” and attraction marketing that is your REAL MLM marketing strategy.

Put your name and email below. With the way the economy is going, I urge you to TAKE ACTION right NOW! Only consistent and massive ACTION will put you and your family out of harms way.

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XOOMA Worldwide – A Great Opportunity or a Scam?

Xooma WorldwideXooma Wordwide is a network marketing company that prides itself on
helping you get healthy and stay healthy. Their slogan is:  Hydrate,
Mineralize, & Revitalize with X2O! “Supercharge” Your Water.”

With so many MLM companies selling all kinds of health related products, people are sometimes confused over what company to choose. But most people don’t think about this, because it is a friend or acquaintance that usually introduces them to a certain company, like Xooma.

Network marketing has been incredibly profitable for many people.
Figures show that about 1 to 3% of people who join a network marketing
company end up building a huge downline and making a great living. But what does this say about the remaining 97%? They last about 2 months and then run out of money and people to talk to so they quit.

Now what about Xooma Worldwide? They look like an interesting
company with some terrific products. They have great leadership in
Ron Howell, CEO, and Dan Putnam, Co-founder.

Xooma’s flagship product, Extreme X2O, is said to “supercharge” your
regular tap water. You add a sachet of Extreme X2O to a glass of
water and you get a boost of minerals and electrolytes that helps
hydrate you at the cellular level.

Xooma also has 8 different ways to get paid. These range from direct
sales and leadership bonuses to car bonuses. As far as what it costs
to join Xooma, they have a bunch of different packages, ranging from a
low of $9.99 all the way up to $499. Plus, you get your own free
company website.

The question most people are wondering is this: “Can I really make
money with a company like Xooma? With a 97% failure rate, how can I
increase my chances of being successful in network marketing?”

That’s a great question. The answer is really not about Xooma, their
products, or their compensation plan. The main focus here is YOU! Are
you willing to work, build relationships, talk to people and do what it takes to be successful?

If you are expecting to get wealthy by signing up a few “heavy hitters”, and watching them build your downline,  you will be very disappointed.

Marketing the right way is a huge key to you being successful. The
97% failure rate is mostly because of MLM training that focuses on
“old school” methods, like writing out a list of 100 friends and
family. This can work for some people, but not in the usual way it is taught.

With the internet being so popular today, there are new and very exciting ways to target your marketing to only the type of people that will be interested in network marketing companies —  like Xoomla.

What I would suggest is that you first work on learning a great MLM marketing plan and then applying this plan to your Xoomla

If Xoomla doesn’t pan out, you can always use the MLM  marketing
system you learned to build another company.

If you truly want to build your network marketing business and are ready to see it explode, then now is the time to fill out your name, email and phone number below.  We will show you the secrets that will enable you to sponsor 3 to 10 people every day into your business.

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Two Prosperity Tips to Help Your Wowgreen Business

Wow GreenWowGreen is a network marketing company who got their start in the first part of 2009. They specialize in home cleaning products that have no harmful chemicals. Wowgreen cleaning products are safe, effective, all-natural, enzyme cleaners.

Wowgreen has 12 products, all for the home, like laundry and dishwashing detergent, floor and carpet cleaners and toilet and hand cleaners. Each cleaner contains a unique enzyme formulation designed for its specific task.

Their compensation plan is a binary with up to 20% payout on the volume of your lesser leg.

What kind of MLM training does Wowgreen have? Mostly weekly meetings in hotels or at Panera Bread. They do some of their MLM trainings by conference calls every couple of days.

To me, it looks like Wowgreen uses traditional MLM marketing strategies, that work for some people, but not for most. That’s why 97% of network marketers fail. I have nothing against Wowgreen. They are doing what everyone else is doing.

In fact, I really applaud them for pushing more safe and non-toxic cleaners into the marketplace. But the whole MLM industry needs to wake up and ask “Why doesn’t what we’re doing work any longer?” But instead they continue to do their MLM training with the same old, same old methods.

For the most part hawking your company, your compensation plan and your products just doesn’t work. People don’t want to hear it. They don’t care. 85% of them don’t want a business. They don’t have any entrepreneurial leanings.

So what is a network marketing person supposed to do? A-ha! That’s a good question. Whatever it is, it needs to be different from what is traditional network marketing.

  • Part 1: Brand yourself as a leader. The reason people don’t care about your product, company or comp plan, is because they are looking for YOU, the leader who can show them the road away from the pain of the job they hate. You can help them change from relying on someone else for their life, to being in charge themselves. They will remember you for a long long time.
  • Part 2: Develop a specific and strategic marketing plan that attracts the right kind of people that are looking for an MLM business, or are already involved in one. Part of this plan includes you, as the leader, attracting the people through different means of branding yourself. With the right system, you should be able to generate 50 to 100 leads per day withing a 6 month time frame.

So don’t just use what is familiar to you. Swim upstream against the current and the swarms of 97% of failing people. You will be incredibly successful if you do this and stay focused on your goal.

I invite you to learn how you can generate 100 leads / day. Just fill out the form below.

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GVO – A Big Money Saver? or Just a Waste of Time?

GVOSince jobs are hard to come by, people are looking for alternative ways to make money and of course the internet is high on their list. Many people want to join a good MLM company, and there are always people who want to do network marketing online.

Starting an online business can be frustrating and also tricky. Why? There are so many options and so many people offering solutions. When new, you don’t know who to believe, and you also don’t know exactly what you need.

For example, what does a new person do about buying a domain name? What is their criteria that they use to pick a hosting company for their new web site? What kind of website or blog do you want? Is there a big difference between the two? What the heck is an autoresponder? Do I need one of those? How would I get that “opt-in” form on my website?

These are just a few of the many decisions you need to make, and we haven’t even started talking about building traffic and getting customers who want to buy. This is why many people struggle to make money online. I also think expectations are way out of whack online. If it takes 2 years with an offline business to start making money, why do people online get discouraged when it isn’t working for them in 3 months?

Here’s how it happened for me. I jumped in with both feet, and got all wet right away. I bought too many domain names, thinking “that one’s going to be a great business.” I bought them from 6 different companies, so I really didn’t know what I actually had.

I was using 4 different hosting companies. One had super duper separate Class C IP’s. (don’t ask!) I tried using my own autoresponder software, until I realized I could get my whole email and hosting shut down for spamming. Did all this work? It is starting to. You know how long I’ve been doing this? Yep – 2 years!

With all the problems that a new person is confronted with, I thought “Why doesn’t someone come out with a unique system that has everything an online business needs?” Then when someone actually did come out with this, I didn’t believe it. I didn’t even take a look.

But then a good friend called me and said “You’ve GOT TO take a look at GVO. Every top internet marketer is part of this.”  So I did and was blown away at how much money I could save with their system.

And I know or have heard of over 1/2 of the “gurus” that are actually part of GVO and are teaching in the GVO program.

So what is GVO? Global Virtual Opportunities. It is a one-stop source for all your online business needs. Domains, hosting, autoresponders, video templates, goto meeting type capability and much more. They have videos that teach you how to do everything. I’m saving about $90 per month over buying all those things separately.

But the biggest surprise is that GVO is a network marketing business too. YES! These 30 gurus put together one of the coolest businesses I have seen. Can you imagine a business where your product saves people money?

And these same people will benefit from the tutorials, videos, and online training that all these 30 gurus will be teaching. It’s all part of your low monthly hosting expense. And when you just can’t help but tell all your downline about this, you’ll start building a second stream of income. And your plan “B” can be well on it’s way.

I invite you to take a 14 day “Try Everything” trial for only 4 quarters.
For instant access click here:  GO GVO!

Mandura Review – Is this the company to bank your future MLM Success

ManduraSo many people are looking for a great home-based business, especially with people losing their jobs.  They jump into a network marketing – MLM – business because it usually doesn’t cost much at all. So when a new MLM company breaks onto the scene, it grabs a lot of attention. What things can you do in a new company like this to insure your success?

Mandura is a relatively new network marketing company, that got its start in 2008.  They are basing their success on one juice drink, containing 4 exotic or royal fruits. These fruits are the durian, mangosteen, acai and blueberry. They are blended together to make a pure and healthy drink that has a very good taste.

The CEO of Mandura is Casey Yarbrough who is a veteran of network marketing. Right after he graduated from college and with a brand new bride, he joined Excel Communications. He was able to make enough money in Excel to have his wife stay home with their new baby. Within 5 years they had a downline organization of over 10,000 representatives.

To jump with both feet into a very crowded network marketing “Juice” market, you have to have either a unique product or a marketing strategy that is very creative – or both. Mandura’s juice is an incredible drink, but so are 20 other competitors’ products. One thing that impressed me was the interesting way Mandura bottles the drink, with absoluely no additives or preservatives.

That leaves us with their marketing strategy, One Line, One Team, One Vision. Mandura really stress the One Line, One Team way of building the Mandura business. It is the first company to ever implement a Straight Line Forced Matrix compensation plan. How does this Straight Line compensation plan work?

Once a person joins Mandura as an IBO, any IBO that joins after them will be part of their downline organization, regardless of who personally sponsored the new person. What this means is if Mandura grows by 317 IBO’s today, your organization grows by 317. This is certainly an interesting way to look at a straight line compensation strategy. This helps build excitement in a new sign-up, seeing so many new people in his organization each and every day.

One of the real bright pluses for Mandura is the low start up cost. For $30 you can join as an IBO and this includes your first bottle of juice – plus shipping. You don’t even have to buy a distributor kit. Can you believe that?

They also have a number of different ways you can get paid – 8 of them total. Mandura has set it up where a new IBO can actually earn more than his monthly autoship by selling just  a few bottles of the juice. The company has really gone overboard in trying to make it easier for the normal “hungry” person to make money quickly.

When considering a business like Mandura, what kind of marketing skills and knowledge do you already have? It is not easy to be successful if you don’t already have these skills. I know you want to be successful in an MLM company, like Mandura.

So the first thing you need to do is to establish a great marketing strategy. You will need that to be able to sponsor 10-20 new reps each month. Think of how that will make you feel – 15 new reps this month!

Learn the strategy to sponsor 10-20 reps effortlessly on auto-pilot. Put your name and email in the form below for instant access.

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A Critical Review of MonVie – Can “Average Erin” Make any Money?

miami-beachA relative newcomer on the MLM scene, Monavie opened their doors in January of 2005 in the great state of Utah. Founded by Randy Larsen, Daniel Larsen and Henry Marsh, they have grown very fast and are in 8 other countries besides the USA. They have done remarkably well, basing their whole business on one fruit, the acai berry. They throw in another 18 different berries to make up the complete drink.

I know a woman who is in Monavie and I don’t think she is making very much money. But she is still excited and says she has a large downline. Her upline is very supportive and she likes the products and the Monavie compensation plan.

When I questioned her a little further, I found out she has one strong leg and one weak leg. (Binary Compensation Plan) But her whole bonus structure is based on her weak leg, not her strong one. If she quits her autoship, she loses all her downline in the bigger leg. So even if she isn’t making much money, she stays on autoship, with the hope that her weaker leg will start growing.

It’s hard to give out bonus points to Monavie for their compensation plan. At least not the portion of the plan that removes your downline if you don’t stay on autoship. There are many compensation plans that help to diminsh the inherent “in-fighting” that happens in binary and unilevel network marketing companies.

It is crucial to get a brand new recruit up to speed and making money as soon as possible. This is so they stick around and don’t quit their big network marketing opportunity. To assist with this, Monavie offers 8 separate ways you can get paid, according to their compensation plan. These are direct sales, bulk order bonuses, team commissions, first order bonus, executive check match, star maker bonus, leadership pools and multiple business centers.

According to their figures on August 29, 2009, 50% of their distributors earn on average $23 per week. 35% earn, on average, $35 per week. When you combine these two figures, this means 85% of Monavie distributors either don’t make enough or barely make enough to pay for their autoship in their Monavie business opportunity. This is probably in line with the data of most other MLM companies.

I looked all through their compensation plan for any allusion to lead generation or other unique ways to actively build your downline in this home based business. I didn’t really unearth anything that looked like lead generation.

This is my complaint with many network marketing companies. They are very much “old school” in the way they do business. Old school network marketing undoubtedly can work great. There is nothing inherently improper with it. But its main draw-back is it’s hard to duplicate your efforts, since old school is more personality driven.

What I mean by this is if your A-type personality upline is making tons of money, there’s no promise you will make tons of money by doing exactly what he did. If you lack his personality style and are afraid to pick up the phone, you probably won’t make it big – unless you change.

B So what is lead generation, anyway? How would you utilize lead generation with the Monavie business opportunity?

One method is to use Attraction Marketing, which is in essence a way of attracting people to your business by means of a “third party” funded proposal. I know, that sounds like greek or geek talk.

A funded proposal is an e-book, for instance, that you sell to your prospect. She will pay $20 to $39 for the book, and she is so excited to grab this material because it will help her in her  efforts to market and grow her own multi-level opportunity.

So how do you get this person interested in YOUR Monavie business? Since you introduced her to a very important tool that helps grow her own business, she won’t forget you. A small percentage of these people will be looking for a new opportunity or will be looking to change companies. And remembering your leadership, they will want to join YOUR company.

Attraction marketing really works. It’s been proven time and time again. You “attract” people to you. And without a doubt its the very best way to insure your work from home Monavie network marketing business will be a huge success.

And now I would like to invite you to discover your very own system of generating 50 new leads every day – for your own MLM. You can get all the information and Free Training at Red Hot Sponsoring.com

Can ACN Compete With the No Contract & No Fee Buzzirk Mobile?

WomanACN, Inc. is a huge company. They have been around for many years and have a presence in many different countries. They are obviously making money, and their leadership makes a lot of money too.

But when it comes to the general new person to MLM, ACN is a hard road to go down – at least if you follow ACN’s “tried and true” method of building your business. It is pretty much “old school” style. It works for some, but not for most.

I had quite a bit of support from my upline, but the videos and audios just didn’t jell with my way of doing business. I was an ACN rep for about a year, and then quit because I wanted to find a company that was less competitive and allowed me greater freedom to use the internet.

One of the drawbacks to ACN is the $499 sign-up fee. But once you sign up, the real quick money depends on if you can constantly keep signing up newbies each month. This throws you into a special bonus pool where the income can be very good.

One thing ACN doesn’t allow is advertising on your own website. They do and they don’t.  Your hands are so tied, that you have to almost be totally “generic” and not mention ACN or even the phone carriers, like Sprint. So the value of combining your own internet marketing to bolster your ACN income is lost.

One huge drawing card to the Buzzirk / Global Verge business is the low sign-up fee – $69.00. And the whole idea of the incredible internet speeds that come with your cool smart phone was something that was hard to pass up.

But it came as setback when Global Verge lost the first cell phone carrier that they had counted on. It has taken some time to piece everything together again.

It took Global Verge almost 3 months to recover. They are just starting to come out with some real cool phones, and they are even better than the Buzzirk phones were supposed to be a few months ago. The new phones from Global Verge are going to be called “Talk Smart” phones. They will be rolling out VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol – phones for your home. They say that the quality will be 3 steps above Vonage and much cheaper.

The “Talk Smart” cell phones will fit any budget and lifestyle. For example, you will pay $39.99 for a cell phone with unlimited talk and unlimited Text – USA. But what’s different – no contract, no taxes and no fees. This is something that ACN would find very hard to compete with.

What attracts people to Global Verge, besides the phones, is their commitment to finding money-saving products for your home. They are also committed to being “green” in their energy saving products.  Their compensation plan – a 3 x 9 matrix has a lot of unique bonus pools and unique matrix enhancements.

One piece of advice I would like to pass on about the company sponsored replicated web sites. Most MLM companies have these for their representative or IBO’s. Some companies charge you a monthly fee. Some, including Global Verge, don’t.

Here is the problem with replicated sites. They are usually about “LOOK AT ME – I’m such a great company – We are the world’s best and have the best products and medical research teams.” Blah, blah blah!! Your prospect really could care less. I’m serious. Another reason replicate sites don’t work is they really suck when it comes to SEO – Search Enging Optimization. In other words, how can Google  find your replicated site when your site  looks and acts like 30,000 others ones?

What is your prospect really looking for? A leader, like you, who can show them the way out of their miserable job, or lifestyle they are in. But you don’t know this unless you learn to ask the right questions. And sending your hungry prospect to your “cool replicated site” will turn them off real quick.

So what do you do? Go fishing! This is a whole different way of looking at it. Instead of overwhelming your new prospect by showing them the plan or business, you first of all throw out your line, and see if they bite. If they don’t bite, let them go. Yes, let them go. I know it’s hard to do, but you will feel better when you realize not everyone is cut out for your business.

One other thing that will help you in ACN or in Global Verge is to find a system that will automatically generate good quality leads for you. Can you imagine interested people calling you about your business instead of you calling them? How would you like to be getting 50 leads each and every day? I have a system that will absolutely work for you, any company, any product. Click here to start generating leads and sign-ups right away:  Red Hot Sponsoring

Does Dream Style Vacation Club Qualify as a SCAM?

running down beach.There are many, many scams going on today. We take pride in ourselves that we are smart enough that no scam artist will ever fool us. They promise the moon to us,  and then they don’t deliver. Or what they deliver is not what we had high hopes for.

The big reason scam artists are getting bolder and bolder is partly due to the recession that we are in. People are hoping for a better life, hoping for a way to make more money and hoping for a solution to their problem.

This high expectation, or hope, sets people up for getting scammed. They want so bad to believe the sales page of a get-rich-quick offer. Because of their dire financial position, good logic goes out the window, and they will believe almost anything that offers a solution to their pressing problem.

There’s another mindset that is fairly common today, and that is saying something like “Boy, was that a rip-off!” or “Let’s not eat there, that place is a rip-off.” The products in question are more than likely excellent products that are priced fairly. But because of a lower economic status, people mistake a higher price than they can afford for a scam or “rip-off.”

Lets get back to the key question: Is Dream Style Vacation Club a Scam? I’m sure in some people’s eyes it is a scam. But in my eyes and in a number of my friends eyes, Dream Style  is anything but a scam.

They offer real value for the money you spend. For $97 sign-up fee, you have access to a 23 year old travel company’s  expertise and some of the very lowest prices on travel, cruises, resorts, auto & limousine and air travel. Plus you have your own home travel business with a massively growing baby boomer market.

That’s not all. As you actively pursue your Dream Style Vacation Club  business,  and you follow the fast track program, you will sign up 2 more people. That’s the secret to making a lot of money in Dream Style. You get 2 people, and teach those 2 to get 2 people. As you do this, you reach a point where you earn $4000  in cash and you also receive a $1000 travel voucher.

The upside to the Dream Style Vacation Club business is this:  you cycle through their 2 different “matrix boards” and you come out the top with $16,000 in cash and a $4,000 travel voucher.  Then you rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.

So if you want to call Dream Style Vacation Club a scam, go right ahead. You will be in the minority and you could get yelled at by a bunch of passionate people.

The biggest cause of failure in MLM is the new associate doesn’t have a tried and true system to follow. Yes, she has the “write down 100 names and bother your friends and family” system. But we all know how well this one works! NOT! How do you learn the right marketing strategies and system so you can be successful?

Always keep in mind that entering the field of marketing is not that easy if you haven’t been trained. I know that when you join an MLM company like Dream Style, you want to be successful.

So the first thing you need to do is to establish a great marketing strategy. This will give you the “know-how” to be able to sponsor 10-20 reps a month. This will also put in your hand the key to the door of success.

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