Develop Your Plan “B” Before Financial Crisis Strikes Your Family

CB017902 Do you have a Plan B? What? Let me ask this another way.  If you lost your job (your Plan A) tomorrow, would you and your family be OK?

If you had put a Plan B into effect at least a few months ago, you’re job loss may not be so devastating.

What do I mean by a Plan B? Basically it is starting your own business so you never again have to depend on a boss, company or employer again. Your Plan B could be a franchise, a home-based business or a restaurant. But the very least expensive way to “buy into” the absolute MOST leverage is by joining a network marketing or MLM company.

You may have a bad taste in your mouth about MLM businesses. I can understand that. Too many excited and passionate people have bothered family and friends not just once but over and over.
But the network marketing industry has changed a lot in the last 10 years. The internet has given people a new and exciting way to grow their MLM business, without bothering their family and friends.

So if you are thinking about starting a Plan B, good for you! If you are considering joining a network marketing business, there are a few things that I know will help you pick the right company and start your prospecting and marketing on the right foot.

There are 2 major reasons why people fail, who have started a new MLM business. These 2 reasons are:

1) A lack of qualified leads
2) A lack of money to keep prospecting

The way that is usually taught a brand new IBO – is to write down a list of 100 or more friends, family and business people you know. This is one way to fail quickly, unless you already have a wide and huge circle of influential friends. But since most people don’t, you are batting against the odds of winning.

The problem with calling friends and family is 85% of people don’t want a business, period. They don’t have a single bit of entrepreneurial spirit in them. So we bang our heads against a brick wall by trying to make these people into something they won’t ever be. So you figure out pretty
quick that you have run out of people to talk to. This is the first problem.

The second problem is money. Most network marketing companies have an autoship system that costs you around $100 per month. You need to get up to speed quickly and have some money coming in, or your chance of lasting more than a few months is pretty slim. In fact, the industry “average” for a new person is 67 days. 67 days with no money coming in and you are gone.

I’m not going to leave you with no hope in developing a great Plan B. In fact, what you’re going to learn next is really the ONLY way to build a network marketing business. Remember I said the internet changed a lot of things for marketing our MLM business?

Listen to this new way of prospecting. You are learning a differnt method of attracting the right kind of people to you. Who is your perfect prospect? That is a great question most people in business never ask. Your perfect prospect is someone who has tried MLM and failed. Or someone who is brand new but wants to find a good network marketing business. Your perfect prospect is a lady who has alienated all her family and friends and is about to quit, but decides to look online one last time for an online solution to her struggling.

You have a system in place now that is attracting the right kind of people. But how do you solve the 2nd problem – a lack of money? This is ingenious! The people you are attracting are being drawn to you because you have a solution to their 1) no prospects and 2)no money problem. And you market to them a solution that works really well for their business. You make money by helping them succeed.

The last thing you do, is you start branding yourself as the leader your are. Our system teaches you how to do this. Why is this important? People don’t care about your company. They don’t really care about your products. But they DO care about you being the right person to lead them out of the job or living situation that they despise.

By the time you learn all this stuff, you will be well on your way to having a successful Plan B. It’s not difficult.  I encourage you to work on your Plan B with commitment, focus and persistence.

This is the system I was referring to in the article.

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It’s Insane! 95% MLM Failure Rate. What the Hell is WRONG? No MLM Lead Generation System!

CB048365Network Marketing has a very tarnished reputation, at least in the USA. With 95 out of every 100 people quitting after a month or two, you have to start wondering what is going on? Is it the people that aren’t qualified or is it the industry that needs overhaul?

There are two huge reasons why people quit their network marketing opportunity, and these are:

1) Lack of leads – after they run through their first list of 100 family and friends the have no one else to talk to.

2) Lack of money – they run out of money before they get their business profitable

What can be done to change these statistics so that more and more people can be winners in their MLM home business?

Here are 4 ideas that if implemented can have a huge impact on the industry. But the biggest impact will be on the individuals who have struggled and struggled in MLM and still have a burning desire to win. Let’s go.

Step 1. Develop an MLM lead generation system so you have a steady, never-ending supply of people that are looking for an opportunity. There are many companies that supply “opportunity seeker” telephone leads. These work, but not for very many people. There’s a huge failure rate here too. What I’m talking about is another system that works beautifully, because you attract ONLY the people that are already in MLM or are actually looking for a company to join.

Step 2. Cash Flow. Have a good supply of money coming in from your lead generation efforts of Step 1. How in the world do you do this? You use what’s known as a “Funded Proposal” which is a fancy term for selling your prospects an interesting and valuable marketing e-book. They buy this, because they know it will help them grow their own MLM business. A certain percentage will buy, and will help fund a never ending supply of “free” mlm leads.

Step 3. Personal Branding. This is perhaps the biggest reason why people don’t succeed. Here’s why. People aren’t looking for a company. It doesn’t really matter to them. They aren’t really looking for a product. Again, it really doesn’t matter. So what are they looking for? SOMEONE to show them the way, and lead them out of the job, and the lifestyle that they despise. They are looking for YOU! But what do they see when they find you?

You need to brand yourself as the leader that they want. It’s not that hard to do I have a system that will help you on your journey to being a network marketing leader and coach.

Step 4. Build Your Downline. The MLM lead generation that you did in steps one and two go into a funnel that ends up being your downline. Only a small percentage of those who go through your funnel end up there, but that’s OK. You have a wonderful system that keeps generating more and more leads, and you end up being one of the biggest producers in your company.

Just like starting a brick and mortar business, online MLM lead generation takes time. But I have a super system that can help you generate 50 or more leads per day in about 3 months. Many of my friends are doing this.

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Struggling In MLM? No Friends Left? Quitting? Attraction Marketing To the Rescue!

42-15530900Attraction marketing is a way for you to generate income from your prospects even if they never join your business. If you are struggling in your network marketing business, the BEST thing you can do is find out exactly what attraction marketing  is – and then start using it.

What is awesome about attraction marketing is it allows you to generate leads that are totally exclusive to you and not from one of the many lead companies that want your money. If you have bought thousands of biz-opp leads (like I have), having your own quality leads contacting YOU is totally new and refreshing.

Attraction marketing is not a magic bullet but it will put you in a position that you are talking to the right people instead of a bunch of tire kickers and time wasters. Attraction marketing is a smarter, more leveraged solution than making poor use of your time by calling a bunch of dead beat “why are you calling me?” leads or posting fliers on windshields.

So how does attraction marketing work? It’s the process of selling an inexpensive but useful information product on the front end to cover your ongoing advertising expenses. And then you “back-end” your prospect into your main product or opportunity. This is easy to do because you are the “expert” that they are looking for.

There are 3 BIG benefits that you will experience by implementing attraction marketing.

1) Create Momentum – Marketing a SOLUTION instead of your product or business opportunity is a process that in the beginning will get your new partners earning immediately, creating confidence as well as momentum in your team. The amazing thing is this system works with ANY MLM company. It doesn’t matter what network marketing company you are in, attraction marketing is phenomenal.

By using attraction marketing you and your downline will have all the free training that you need to be able to build your business both online as well as offline. Attraction marketing will enable a real tight bond to form within your group. And it will make sure that you are going after only your target market, which is other network marketers.

The money that you make in attraction marketing will help pay for your continued marketing. You have to look way beyond just your family and friends if you want to build a huge and sustainable business. There are 2 HUGE challenges that confront 95% of network marketers in the world today. The first challenge is not having enough money to advertise to stay in the game long enoug to make a profit. The second problem is you run out of people to talk to. Attraction marketing eliminates both of these problems.

2) Great Cash Flow – The second benefit of attraction marketing is having the cash flow necessary to continue marketing your solution. Your team will also have enough cash to continue their lead generation. And this is SO critical. Listen! You have only 63 days to get a new excited team member up to speed and making money. Attraction marketing will help to keep them “in the game.” Just think  what this will mean to your business!

3) Leads, Leads and More Leads – The third benefit is MLM lead generation.  Attraction marketing provides you with highly targeted people who are either already in a network marketing business, or are actively looking for one. You don’t have to bother with wasting all your time chasing after the 85% of people who have no desire at all to be an entrepreneur.

You can put a smile on your face knowing that you have found the “holy grail” of how to make money in network marketing. You have graduated from a peddler of products and biz ops, to a genuine marketer of a needed solution. It’s called attraction marketing.

Attraction Marketing Instead of Pestering Friends and Family

A beautiful young college student writing on a notebook outdoorNetwork Marketing, also know  as MLM for Multi-Level Marketing, has gotten a ‘black eye’ as an industry because of the traditional way we have been marketing.

Here is the problem. We get introduced to network marketing by a friend and we just go bananas with excitement. Why? We’ve seen the circles drawn on a white board and our downline has already grown to thousands of people in our own imagination.

We simply can’t understand why EVERYONE won’t get just as excited as we are.  Our approach to people is rather obnoxious. We are in their face with our products and opportunity.  We call up our best friend and say “Charlie, I’ve got something real exciting that you are simply going to love! I’ll be right over.” Charlie already has his guard up, because he senses he is about to be sold.

Since Charlie said “NO” to me, I decide to try harder with my next prospect.  The problem gets even worse when we start leaving behind a trail of friends and family, because they said no to an opportunity — but we think they said no to us. We take it personally.  We are quickly becoming a member of the NFL Club – No Friends Left.

The other major problem we face as a new MLM-er is we run out of money before we are able to build our vast empire.  How can this be?

There is an industry wide statistic that says it all:  A new network marketer on your team has 62 days to start turning a profit. In other words,  making more money than is going out.  What happens after 62 days? They quit – unless you have taught them a system that shows them how to make money and find new people to fill their prospecting funnel. If you can do this inside of the now famous 62 days, you will have a successful and growing team because of one thing – real duplication.

This is the whole idea behind Attraction Marketing. Instead of bothering and pestering people, you “attract” them to you.  This is quite a shift in our thinking, because we are so used to prospecting with a hammer.

Attraction Marketing really is all about marketing to only the people that are attracted to our message. And our message is “Build a Big Fat monthly income with thousands of people in your downline, and do it without pestering your family and friends.”  We are looking ONLY for other network marketers and MLM wanabees.

Attraction Marketing also is about funding your prospecting efforts. We use what is called a “funded proposal” which is fancy talk for making money off your prospect even if she doesn’t join your primary business. The money we make keeps paying for our continued prospecting. Think about how “smart” this really is!

If you are a struggling Network Marketer, you have just found an incredible way to finally earn the respect of your friends and your spouse that you deserve. You’ll also make a boat load of money!

For more information about setting up your own Attraction Marketing sales funnel, visit here:  www.