Attraction Marketing Instead of Pestering Friends and Family

A beautiful young college student writing on a notebook outdoorNetwork Marketing, also know  as MLM for Multi-Level Marketing, has gotten a ‘black eye’ as an industry because of the traditional way we have been marketing.

Here is the problem. We get introduced to network marketing by a friend and we just go bananas with excitement. Why? We’ve seen the circles drawn on a white board and our downline has already grown to thousands of people in our own imagination.

We simply can’t understand why EVERYONE won’t get just as excited as we are.  Our approach to people is rather obnoxious. We are in their face with our products and opportunity.  We call up our best friend and say “Charlie, I’ve got something real exciting that you are simply going to love! I’ll be right over.” Charlie already has his guard up, because he senses he is about to be sold.

Since Charlie said “NO” to me, I decide to try harder with my next prospect.  The problem gets even worse when we start leaving behind a trail of friends and family, because they said no to an opportunity — but we think they said no to us. We take it personally.  We are quickly becoming a member of the NFL Club – No Friends Left.

The other major problem we face as a new MLM-er is we run out of money before we are able to build our vast empire.  How can this be?

There is an industry wide statistic that says it all:  A new network marketer on your team has 62 days to start turning a profit. In other words,  making more money than is going out.  What happens after 62 days? They quit – unless you have taught them a system that shows them how to make money and find new people to fill their prospecting funnel. If you can do this inside of the now famous 62 days, you will have a successful and growing team because of one thing – real duplication.

This is the whole idea behind Attraction Marketing. Instead of bothering and pestering people, you “attract” them to you.  This is quite a shift in our thinking, because we are so used to prospecting with a hammer.

Attraction Marketing really is all about marketing to only the people that are attracted to our message. And our message is “Build a Big Fat monthly income with thousands of people in your downline, and do it without pestering your family and friends.”  We are looking ONLY for other network marketers and MLM wanabees.

Attraction Marketing also is about funding your prospecting efforts. We use what is called a “funded proposal” which is fancy talk for making money off your prospect even if she doesn’t join your primary business. The money we make keeps paying for our continued prospecting. Think about how “smart” this really is!

If you are a struggling Network Marketer, you have just found an incredible way to finally earn the respect of your friends and your spouse that you deserve. You’ll also make a boat load of money!

For more information about setting up your own Attraction Marketing sales funnel, visit here:  www.

Are You Stuck In an Internet Marketing Black Hole?

Black HoleIf you really think about a “Black Hole” it is not a place that anyone of us would want to be. I mean, it’s a hole that is hard to get out of, and besides that, it is so dark that we can’t even see HOW to get out of the hole. Not to mention, what critters are down there with us?

But sadly, this is where I found myself about a half-year ago, and it is taking some very concerted effort on my part to escape, and to stay out of that Black Hole.

The Black Hole I’m talking about is you jumping from one online money-making venture to the next, without staying focused and disciplined long enough with just ONE program until you become profitable. This is truly a Black Hole, because it is very deceiving the trick your mind is playing on you.

The trick comes about by what feels like  genuine accomplishment and moving forward- because you spent money on a new “money-making” program. The good feeling comes not from any RESULTS, but from the simple fact that you spent the money. Do you see the fallacy of this deception?

This Black Hole analogy comes from my mentor Charles Heflin of Social Media Science. He has a simple test that you can take to see if you are a Black Hole victim:

1) Do you  continue to seek software or a solution to enhance or expedite your online profitability?
2) Are you continuing to seek opportunity online?
3) Are you confused about what direction to take to meet you goals?
4) Do you sit in front of your computer in a trance trying to decide where to start?
5) Do you wake up late at night because you can’t sleep because your mind is racing for answers?
6) Do you scour online forums looking for a new trick or strategy?
7) Do you constantly buy new e-books or a new subscription in an effort to learn a new strategy?
8) Do you have a clear plan of action?
9) Do you have a library of information (hard drive) that you have barely looked at or read?
10) Do you frequent forums almost as if the forum itself were the answer to your money making needs?

Charles Heflin in his “The Master Plan” showed me that the only way to win online is when three people win. You do this by supplying interesting and relevant content . Your website visitors win by loving your quality content. Google wins because they are able to provide your quality content to their users. You win because you are rewarded with traffic from Google and sales because of your good content. Social Media Science teaches step by step how to do this.

I had to stop myself because I wasn’t getting anywhere – just further into the Black Hole. When I discovered that I didn’t have to use any tricks or strategies to trick the search engines, everything started to fall into place, and the simplicity of it all is amazing. It almost seems insane now to try to buck the system for a temporary gain.

So, if you too are in a Black Hole, there is hope. Realize that you are there, and commit to FOCUSING and staying very disciplined on just ONE online venture. Visit Social Media Science and see how simple a change you can make.

Frustrated With MLM? Good! Now You Have a Chance to Change!

DBU031I recently listened to a great MP3 from Todd Falcone with the subject “Moving From Frustration to Inclination”

He is an awesome teacher. More accurately a TRAINOR. And he only trains you with the same stuff he learned in the MLM field as he built a great business.

If you aren’t doing anything in your Network Marketing business to move it ahead, you will stay right where you are.  That is a given.

Here are the 7 keys to move out of your frustration.

1) Get “deadly” serious about your business. Act like you are the CEO and you are looking to hire quality and outgoing sales people. If you think about your business as a hobby, or a maybe, you will stay right where you are.

2) Make an absolute commitment to DO IT and get GOOD at Doing IT. Doing what? Prospecting, follow-up, teaching, relationship building, goal setting, vision building. You have a choice: You can either get real GOOD at IT, or you can stink at IT. It’s your choice.

3) Get your Head screwed on straight. You aren’t going to build a 6-figure business overnight. It takes time to build a downline. It takes time to get a decent check.

4) Surround yourself with Success ALL The time. Listen to success oriented MP3’s. Read inspiring and uplifting books. Quit hanging out with those negative nelsons that bring you down.

5) We will get down in the doldrums every so often. How do we get out of these doldrums? There’s one way – PROSPECT your way out. It works every time.

6) Get GOOD, get REALLY GOOD at PROSPECTING – Daily! Your prospecting will either attract business or repel business – depending on how good you get at prospecting. The better you get, the more people you will attract.

7) STAY THE COURSE in the face of adversity.

Do you know that 85% of network marketers are women? If we aren’t actively prospecting women, we are missing out on a huge pile of money.

This is not an “easy” teaching to swallow. But ponder it and take it to heart. For those of you who are “dead” serious about building your business, these 7 things will mean the difference between exciting success and same-old, same-old mediocrity.

What Motivates You? Are You Going Somewhere or Are You STUCK?

CB035564If you were to ask 25 people a day a simple question “What motivates you?” most of them would look at you kind of dumbfounded and if they did say anything it would be “to be able to eat” or something profound like that.

Most people are just skating through life, with no real reason for getting out of bed in the morning except because that’s just what they’ve always done. They are on the 40/40/40 /40 plan.  Work a 40 h0ur week for 40 years earning $40K per year and retire with a $40 watch.

For those who have bigger dreams of breaking out of that mold, having a strong and powerful WHY is not an option.

Statistically only 7% of people will ever achieve a 6 figure income. Only 1/10 of 1% of you will have a net worth of a million dollars. Facts and logic says that most of you will never achieve your dreams.

But you are different. Entrepreneurs are different, that’s for sure. We don’t fit into the mold of normal people. We are renegades. We are don’t fit into the 9 dots. We are mavericks.

The success you will achieve in life is in direct proportion to your why. I will be exploring more about how important a WHY is to your whole being – your health, your mental well-being and your wealth. Finding out your why is a very exciting event. But the interesting thing is your WHY keeps changing as you keep changing. That’s the exciting thing – change!